Monday, October 27, 2014

Let's do the TIME WARP again!

Live ONSTAGE in Portland, OR!
Back in the 80s, I was a Clinton Street regular. I was even recruited by another theater that decided to run Rocky Horror out on the West Side (Aloha, Oregon...go figure!). I adore this show. Yet, for whatever reason, I never saw the stage play. I had the album of the Broadway cast, so I even knew the songs not featured in the movie.

Friday night (October 24th), I invited some friends to join us. Neither had seen the movie version, so I thought this would be a good way to perhaps introduce them to the scene in a casual way. If they hated it, then scratch any plans for the movie. They had a blast! If you are in the Portland area, I suggest that you take this in. I have brought over a couple of images from their Facebook page (click HERE to check it out for yourself) just so you can be teased. (No cameras during the show, please...that is a no-no!)

Nartan Woods is AMAZING!
The night for me started when I arrived with my wife, friends, and tickets. What I foolishly mistook for people just very into dressing up were lurking around the entrance. I asked one of them if they knew where we should go. He took my tickets, tossed them aside, gave me a saucy look, and strutted away. With a shrug (I made the assumption that he--Thom Hilton-just watch his face...he NEVER breaks character!--was part of the staff...only partially correct I would discover), we headed in and sought our seats. (It is general admission, so plan accordingly.) We were working our way down the aisle when Denise called out for me to turn around. She had picked up an "escort"--Satheara Sin...keep an eye on her tassel work!. This lovely vixen had my wife arm in arm and was moving with feline sexiness down the aisle with her.

So, your experience begins almost immediately. And once the lights dim and the show begins, you are pulled in. I want to make this very are ENCOURAGED to call out, sing along, and stare with open-mouthed amazement. (Be sure to get a grab bag out front so you can toss confetti, cards, and hold up a light in the form of a glow stick.) The Narrator (Gary Norman) does an excellent job from the balcony providing the cues for those of you who may not be familiar.

Claire Rigsby as Trixie/Magenta opens the show with some vocals that will have you leaning forward and wanting more. Matt Brown and Leah Seligman are Brad and Janet. Seriously, how can you not be waiting for them to reach the castle and be stripped to their "charming underclothes". Vocally, they were wonderful. And Matt Brown pulls off "geek chic" well. His solo, Once in a While (with the Narrator doing some great Rex Harrison-style accompaniment) is his chance to really shine.

The Cast (minus the Narrator up in the balcony and Dead Eddie)

I saved my comments for Eric Little (Riff Raff) and the super-charged Nartan Woods until last. Now, I am so hetero that it is almost stereotypical, but Mr. Woods was perhaps the sexiest man I have ever watched perform in my life. is easy to see how he dupes/seduces Brad. I REALLY wanted to meet him after and tell him personally that he is the first to give Tim Curry a run for his money. However, Eric Little was my favorite to watch (besides the chorus member, Thom Hilton) just because his face is so expressive, but with Riff Raff, you have to wait for the Time Warp and hear him belt out his lyrics. This is the ROCK in the rock opera and can derail a show if the signature song does not fly. This one flew and flew well.

This is a musical. None of the show matters if the singing is off. No worries here, all the way down to the chorus and their backing vocals during the various numbers, these people can sing. The cast is splendid. John Oules (the director) should be proud of what he has assembled. Give yourself over to absolute deserve it. (just a note about the director, I was fortunate enough to be in a high school production of Pippin with him as well as Lakewood Theater's Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat where he was Pharaoh!)

The remaining schedule is:
Oct 30, 20147:30 pm

Oct 31, 20147:30 pm

Nov 01, 20142:00 pm

Nov 01, 20147:30 pm
Nov 06, 20147:30 pm
Nov 07, 20147:30 pm
Nov 08, 20142:00 pm
Nov 08, 20147:30 pm

You DO NOT want to miss this!

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  1. RHPS is the reason that my wife and I are together. I met her at a cast party 18 years ago and have not been from her side since. Celebrating 14 years of marriage tomorrow (28th) so I can say without a doubt that the light over at the Frankenstein place is a sign of happiness!