Thursday, December 6, 2012

When women talk about zombies,,,

One of our most ambitious releases involved a Mother's Day/Father's Day anthology release. I was very curious as to the response that I would get considering that I was about to fill a zombie anthology with an all-female TOC. All I can say is that there are some very disturbed ladies out there. Some of those stories still give me the chills. Hell Hath No Fury is free today, so spend some time with the won't regret it.

But how about a woman's perspective...I defer to my friend, Vix Kirkpatrick, This was her take:

I loved the little intros, the authors little bio and the fantastic drawings of each short story...what a great idea!
These girls ROCK... and who gave men the "bad" rap for always being sexually minded, these girls are on heat, with no shame, oh yeah!

SLIDING INTO SECOND: blunt, descriptive and brilliant... loved this new twist in the possible source of the zombie infection. Its as much about how mob rules as the horror of the slide...

CHICK MAGNET: I sniggered alot reading this story, not sure I was supposed to, but the vision of a hormonal rampant boy getting an eyeful of zombie flesh instead of his fantasy was tasty in itself, with the mental image of his chubby little legs running like a goat on fire (I dont like animal cruelty btw) brilliant twist at the end.

WAKING THE DEAD: fantastic concept and explanation for the zombie apocalypse! also nice to see a romance bloom amongst the blood bath. Has put me off my coffee for awhile... a short while! or maybe Im just a zombie before the coffee hits!! who knows the difference!

CRANIAL REWIRE: Oh how quickly we adapt to horror, has online gaming pushed us over the edge, or were we always a savage beast? Loved this little story.

POPULATION ZOMBIE: a good guys tale.....

THE PETITIONERS: a brilliant revenge tale, with a zombie twist! Power really does turn peoples heads....

SNOWCOMBE: a world where you ignore zombies is always going to have a bad ending! of course they escape and start chomping down, however, there totem pole deterrent is original!

THE CANDIDATES: we all love our families but think this is a step too far. I actually felt sad reading this.

PIECES: this left me very retrospective, a zombies final thoughts of her lost loves and how she wants them to know how they made her feel, a little gift for each of them, so special. The added bonus of her body and mind breaking down make an interesting read.

TIPS: dog munch ex hubby zombies, just what i was missing in my life! and the wife's only comment? what is choice of meat was!! this story had me in stitches, from rotting zombie squirrels too confused to climb a tree, interviewing zombies for the local newspaper to California and New York not even realising they had a zombie invasion! very giggle some, gruesome fun. However, I am now worried about the pets buried in my garden.

THE BASEBALL BAT AND THE AXE: loved the statement that the "french are always to blame", that made this story for me.... sad and brave... lovely characters.

LOVE STINKS: love is blind, deaf, stupid and obviously has no ability to smell either.....

ZOMBIE LOVE SONG: what a sad, dark world is portrayed here and yet love finds away... uplifting in a weird, green, un-dead way....

really loved this book... will be on the look for all of these great authors.

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