Monday, December 3, 2012

Today's freebie is Cryptic by DA Chaney.

Today we feature Cryptic by D.A. Chaney. A fun and fast read that takes a different path. With its Victorian setting, this book is free from all the guns and advanced take a look. Here is what one person had to say:

"Ed and Brock work as grave robbers in early 19th century England, resigning themselves to such an odious job in order to make ends meet. During one of their jobs, the two are approached by a rival gang of grave robbers and are separated in the battle that follows. While Brock stands and fights, Ed tricks some of the gang into a chase through the woods -- but it's all part of the duo's plan, and they will meet later at the pub in Lock's Landing. When Ed eventually makes it to the pub a few days later, Brock is nowhere to be found. As Ed soon discovers from a Mr. Albert Swicker, Brock and a few others volunteered to help find the animal that was attacking and killing people on the estate of Lord and Lady Lockette. Ed needs to find Brock so the only course is to follow Swicker back to the Lockette Estate to search for him.

When they arrive at the estate, no lights shine from any of the windows, and the front door hangs open tempting them to enter the darkness. Soon, the two find themselves battling the re-animated dead and something worse -- something hungrier and more dangerous than the dead who roam the estate.

"Cryptic" was quite a bit of fun to read. Lots of action and zombie goodness, but Chaney provides an interesting twist with the other creatures who are also trying to capture Ed -- the sleek and pale bodies with sharp claws, their natural aptitude for hunting humans, and the fact that they, too, are afraid of the zombies. The fast-pacing of the story and the well-drawn characters (especially Ed and the unnamed female creature) kept me reading into the wee hours, and by the end I was wondering along with Ed, what happened to Brock? The perfect set-up for a second book which I hope is on the way...."

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