Sunday, December 9, 2012

Catch the Fervor!

Okay, I guess it should be "Catch the fever!" But who wants to be sick during the holidays? I think my suggestion is much better. Fervor by the super-talented Chantal Boudreau is today's freebie for our big December giveaway. I still can not believe that we were fortunate enough to have such a great piece submitted to us.

One reviewer had this to say: 

"In this story we are introduced to Fervor, an island of sorts that is the home to some very special children. We see the story unfold in the eyes of Sam, a small boy who is the Finder of the group. Other members include the Bigs: Francis, the Teller; Nathan, the Watcher; Fiona, the Keeper; Royce, the Control, and one other Little: Sarah, the Fixer. Chantal blends these characters, and their specific tasks, into a rich story unlike no other. Each character has their own unique voice and all grow tangibly as the story progresses. I thoroughly enjoyed this book because of the questions it raised while reading it, and how satisfactorily those questions were answered through a very natural flow of the plotline.

While at first I was a bit disjointed in how time passed in this story, I soon realized that it made sense and was cleverly crafted by Chantal in order to propel the story forward in a way that was still exciting and interestingly written in a tight and concise manner.

I enjoyed Chantal's style of writing. This book was well structured and organized. It moved at a strong pace, which was needed to help portray the feelings of anxiety and unease within the characters. Chantal found the tone of Fervor early on, introduces it to us, and has readers hooked in anticipation.

I think the most engaging part of the story as a whole is how while the incidents that occur on Fervor are astounding, Fervor is never made clear to be an alternate world, or one of fantasy. It sits calmly, peacefully, on the edge of "What if.""

After reading this, you will want to grab Elevation (book 2) and Transcendence (Book 3).

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