Friday, December 7, 2012

Today we present one of the more disturbing tales that has ever crossed my desk: In the Arms of Nightmares. This nasty little tale would make Hannibal Lecter blush.

Collin Enquist put it like this, "In the Arms of Nightmares is one of those books I stumbled upon. Quite literally, on Twitter, when the author Robert Dean was looking for people to read his book and write a review. I jumped at the chance, unsure of what exactly I was going to be reading. A few hours later he sent me the digital copy of the book. Looking at the summary online I realize I lucked out - as this novel is right up my alley! In the Arms of Nightmares follows the cannibal Arthur Reilly and the madness that has been slowly consuming his life since returning from the war.

Let me start by saying In the Arms of Nightmares is a book I would recommend. But also let me point out you probably need to be in the right frame of mind to read it. This book is dark, disturbing, and full of enough depressing material to ruin your mood, no matter how good of a day you're having. That being said, In the Arms Of Nightmares is reminiscent of some of my favorite writers: Will Christopher Baer, Chuck Palahniuk, and JG Ballard. Come to think of it the book felt like Baer's debut novel Kiss Me, Judas and Josh Bazell's (also debut novel) Beat the Reaper rolled up into one novel - with a sprinkle of cannibalism, war, jazz music, and cooking."

Take a look for yourself.

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