Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pavlov's Dogs by D.L. Snell and Thom Brannon

Pavlov's DogsPavlov's Dogs by D.L. Snell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

There is absolutely no chance for the reader to ease into this story. It launches right into some edge-of-your-seat action to draw you in and let you know that you should clear the rest of your day because you won't be setting this book down any time soon.

I am seldom disappointed with anything from Mr. Snell and Permuted Press. (In fact, I guess I am still waiting for that to happen.) I am often skeptical when attempts are made to cross the genres, and I admit to the same trepidation here. I am (admittedly) not much of a were-anything fan. It just never seemed like something i could get into and care about. I was proved wrong here because it was so well explained spliced into the story. To have the "super human genetic engineered warrior" can be a dangerous move. No worries here.

There is a very fine development of character here, but I must admit that I felt there could be more story if allowed. My only complaint is that i would have liked it if this tale could have actually been much longer. There were simply so many characters that deserved more 'page" time. Actually...Jorge could have his own book. This comes from some very nice dialog that many stories bog down in. However, dialog is a strength here.

Misters Snell and Brannan should be proud of what they have done here. Congrats to them and Permuted Press for providing a fun summer read!

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