Monday, September 21, 2015

Wow! What a weekend!

I had an amazing 50th birthday. Today is simply a thank you to each and every person who made it so special. I had a "staggered" birthday party on the 19th (the day after) where my friends showed up with staggered arrivals. This let me spend a good bit of time with each of them and not feel like I was leaving anybody out. 

The party was just my speed...casual. It kicked off when Jenifer showed up with my Star Wars birthday cake. (She blew me away with a really cool coffee mug and some Star Wars shirts as well as being our doggy sitter when Denise took me out to dinner for my birthday at the Portland City Grill which is on the 30th floor in downtown Portland and offers an excellent view.)

Just a taste of the view from my table that night for those who have never been...

Everybody was so thoughtful and the gifts I received ran the gamut of fun and playful to one person who proved how well she knew me by giving me CLEANING SUPPLIES! (Yeah, I'm a bit OCD and tend to be a clean-a-holic.) Seriously, some folks might think a "Sham-wow" is a gag gift, but this person knew me better than that. (There was also a LightSaber!!)

Some of my readers even got in on the fun and I received some Amazon cards which helped add Sphero 2.0 to the droids that now run rampant in the house. (Big thanks to Ben Kraus!) Not sure who enjoys these new toys or the dogs.

Having some of my Portland Thunder friends over was VERY special. I really never expected to meet new friends when I grabbed my season tickets to the Portland Thunder Arena Football team a couple of years ago, but that is exactly the case. Zola Thunder and Beth Honey gave me a very cool book set that now sits beside my bed and will satisfy my Star Wars craving for quite a while.

I even got new jammies that help me channel my darkside! And from my season ticket neighbors at the Thunder, it was a groovy mix of Star Wars, Zombies, AND Dr. Who. They covered EVERY base!

Those were just a few of the amazing moments. However, the big thanks goes to my wonderful wife who made it all happen. She managed to score one of the BB-8 droids that are the current equivalent to the Tickle Me Elmo when it comes to finding one.

There is so much that can't go into describing what made my 50th birthday so wonderful. I got cards from lots of well wishers (Vix's was my favorite, plus it was from across the pond which made it super cool since I am such a fan of the UK!) To each and every one of you, THANK YOU for making it my best birthday ever. And now...time to get back to the real world...mostly.

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  1. I wish I could have been there to help you celebrate your b'day. It looks and sounds spectacular and I know the good wishes continue on a daily basis for the whole year. You have worked hard and now the success allows you to sit back and enjoy your 50's. How marvelous for you.
    when you decide you can get Jeni to sit with the pets, ship yourself and Deni to a week in Panama. I can show you wonders here and you can find folks here to entertain you with the fantasy world...or the race challenges you succeed at. Besides you both would get a chance to see what you will eventually inherit. Worth a trip!!!
    anyhow, Happy birthday, Guy. and many, many more even more successful!!