Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The challenge of killing strangers properly.

Today is the release of DEAD: Snapshot--Leeds, England. Thanks to some incredible beta readers, I think this may be the cleanest book I have released. It is also apparently going to read true to those from that neck of the world thanks to a few of my Beta readers from that geographic region Who wold have thought that people who share basically the same language can speak so differently? Like, did you know they don;t call their bums bums? Nope. They are called scratters.

Overall, I am actually very pleased with this book. Also, it is the first time I have included a "graphic content" warning in the pages of the book itself. It is at the start of chapter 2 and reads: {The following section contains unsettling and graphic images that may be disturbing to some readers. Sensitive readers may wish to skip ahead FOURTEEN paragraphs to the *** marker in order to avoid this graphic scene.}

Hopefully, that will stem some of the usual vitriol about such things. I do realize that such things could be skipped or ignored, but I refuse to shy away from things just because a few people get bent out of shape. I am currently listening to a wonderful zombie book called 100 Days in Deadland by Rachel Aukes. She has a very stirring and upsetting scene when Cash actually performs a "mercy killing" on a young girl (identified as a minor) who was kept as a victim by a group of horrible men. Not one review tees off on her for including such depravity.

I guess it is just the way of things in the business. Still, I do think that DEAD: Snapshot--Leeds, England is a very good bit of writing. I found a stride in it and the story unfolded very nicely. I hope that a few of you will give it a try and then be so kind as to share your thoughts by way of a review. Yeah, I know that not everybody will like it. That truly is the nature of this business. However, I feel it will hold up well against anything out there.


  1. "bums" are the plump things we sit on!! hehheeh got my copy cant wait for a day off!

    1. I can;t wait to see if I passed the test of writing about Leeds from the people who might actually go there.