Monday, September 14, 2015

How to survive the football season (Part 1)

It is the kickoff to football. For some, crickets are chirping. They could not care in the slightest. But for others (me) it is a magic roller coaster of joy, pain, love and heartbreak. Two years ago, my beloved Seattle Seahawks won it all against HOFer-to be, Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. I shared that day with friends and my wife who cheered right alongside me. The following year...well, we still don't talk about that last play by the Seahawks against the hated, despised New England Patriots.

For some, this is a time where they feel left out by their spouse. They do not understand the obsession. And dear lord, what in the hell is fantasy football? Images of hobbits and goblins chasing each other around come to mind for a few of you I am sure.

Football is something that can dominate a home for the next 6 months. Oh is a half of a year until the champions are crowned once more.  With Thursday Night Football on the NFL network, the venerable Monday Night Football on ESPN, Sunday Night Football on NBC, the regular games on Sunday (10 am and 1pm PST) get the picture. It can consume every spare minute.

But it can get worse. It is not just pro football, the college game can make a bad situation even more unsavory for the non-football types. I made it very clear in every single relationship that football is an obsession. I explained what it could entail. I was always told things like, "That's okay, I can go shopping or see friends." Nope. By week three, it was always the  same. "How much longer does this last!"

So, how can the football fan and non-football fan coexist? Here are few tips that might bring peace and harmony. 

Invite the other person to partake. But it can't stop there. Imagine sitting for seven hours, watching something that makes absolutely no sense at all. BORING, Sydney! Tell why you bleed your team's colors and who their biggest rival is. It is always fun when your best friend and significant other cheers for the enemy. It adds to the fun and makes for some "interesting" betting possibilities.

You need to explain what is happening. Point out the rules and explain why a team, does one thing and another team something entirely different. Talk about the history, make it something that lives and breathes. Sure, you might miss a play here or there, but it is an investment for the long run.

Second tip for the football person...switch off the blowout and ask your significant other person what they would like to do for an hour or two (until the next game kicks off). All you would be doing is watching the ticker at that point. That is what your phone is for these days. You will score huge, and prove that you can give as well as take.

I will close this installment with a note to the non-football lover. Do not try to talk to your football fan during the game. They will not hear you. They will not remember anything you say or ask. So if you make plans and get them to commit, don't be mad when that event happens and your football fan has no idea what you are talking about.

Until next time...

Go Hawks!

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