Friday, September 4, 2015

Emerging from the cave.

It is with a great deal of pride that I announce that I am done with the basics of mastering my first full-length audio title. I narrated DEAD: Snapshot--Portland, Oregon. It was quite an adventure and I could not have done this without John Bricker from Falcon Sound. He walked me through every step, many times more than once when I did not get the hang of things. He is the producer of my DEAD series on and has become a man that I call friend these past couple of years.

Lots of coffee was consumed during this process.
One of the best things to happen was for me to totally botch the first attempt. Yep, hundreds of hours of work all gone because of a technical issue. I had to start all over from scratch. And honestly, I could have scrapped this recording as well, but I am going to accept it as part of a learning process. (Note to self: put a marker on the floor and stand there EVERY time so you are in the same position when recording.)

For those of you who give this a listen when it clears the quality control check, feel free to give me the business with both barrels. I am sure there will be a few listeners who will tell me not to quit my day job of being a writer, but I learned a lot and believe that I will only get better. I wish I had time to celebrate, but I am simply too busy until the end of the year. I have a lot of writing left to do as well as some more recording. Stay tuned to my blog in the coming weeks for announcements of how you can score free copies of DEAD: Snapshot--Portland, Oregon. Until next time...


  1. It's just your first self-narrated audio book. I anticipate many more in the future; I'm on pins and needles waiting for one snapshot book set in Boulder City. "I hereby sentence you to the darkness!"

    1. Oh yes...I can't wait for the Evil Warlord and his minions!

  2. i thought you did a good job with Kherfin. have you ever listened earth core .i love it but the audio fades some times. i can look past that just like i can look past some stuff in a book if i know its the authors frist book or audible reading. and its nice to get in on the ground floor and watch them improve.
    have a nice holiday every body
    ps nead more pics of your brown and white dog she is one of the nicest dogs i have seen. i use the pic of her on your camping trip as my back ground on my pc