Monday, September 15, 2014

Reliving some of music's glory years.

Me...Mototrbreath. F*****G Awesome!
I was going to feature one of my reader interviews today, and I hope she will forgive me. I have to share my weekend with you all. We met with some friends and fellow Portland Thunder season ticket holders for a night of rock.

Denise has a crush on the Motorbreath drummer.
Saturday I went to see a concert featuring the tribute bands Lovedrive, Unchained, and Motorbreath. It was a time travel experience as I was transported to metal's glory days. If I closed my eyes, you could not convince me I was not hearing the Scorpions, Van Halen, and Metallica.

"There's no one like you!"
Seeing these bands has become a regular thing for Denise and I after first catching Unchained to start off my birthday week. So, this year was no different. Except that I knew what I was getting...3+ hours of Kick Ass music. If you are unaware of the tribute scene, you are missing something spectacular. And if youa re in the Portland Metro area, then you should pop over and check out the J-Fell site and see if anything piques your interest. 

Rockin' you like a hurricane!
Lovedrive was new to me. I was sad to hear that real life has forced this band to drop out of the scene. They have not played together in a while, but you could not tell. And having seen the Scorps on the Blackout tour from the second row at Portland's Memorial Coliseum, the vocalist was a DEAD RINGER for Klaus. I hope they find some time and book a few more gigs. 

Somebody get him a doctor...or another nurse.
Unchained is a household favorite. We almost qualify as groupies/stalkers. This was our 5th time seeing the band and they never disappoint. I actually think this was the highest energy level we have seen from the band. Maybe it was due to the sellout crowd. In any case, this is a band that works hard to teleport you back to the VH glory days minus Diamond Dave "forgetting" the lyrics.

"Shreddie Van Halleck" that Michael Anthony?
The stage presence and personalities are mimicked to a tee when Unchained hits the stage. Even better, these guys have the sound down. If you have never seen the original VH and want to experience it for yourself, this is the best thing going. 

"Look at all the people here tonight!"
When the horns blare announcing the intro to Running with the Devil, you are launched from a slingshot back to 1984 and the band's glory days. Whether it is from that first groundbreaking album, or any of the amazing ones in between, the Unchained gang nails it from all angles.

Bottoms up...the Jack has made its appearance on stage. Nice bottle holder, Harry!
This band works to recreate the feel and magic that their namesake band brought to the stage. You are missing out if you have not yet seen them. But fear not, they play a handful of times during the year and are easy to keep tabs of on Facebook (just type in "Unchained Portland Van Halen Tribute" and you will find them) as well as the Unchained website.

You have to see him to believe it!
The last band to hit the stage was Motorbreath. That put the audience into a moshing frenzy. And this is not a band that just plays the radio friendly hits of the band. Nope...they want to shred your ears (Denise and I still had ringing in our ears late Sunday night) with the songs that TRUE Metallica fans love. And the amount of energy and fury that you will witness just can't be put into words. If you just spend the night watching the drummer (like Denise...she has a husband-approved fangirl crush on Mototbreath's drummer), you will witness a passion that the actual Metallica band has lost long ago.

He's so cute when he's angry.
The Mototrbreath set was an in-your-face onslaught of Metallica that should come with a warning label stating that if you are not ready to rock, perhaps you should go home and listen to your Barry Manilow records.

Just some good old-fashioned METAL!
This was an amazing show from start to finish. So, once again, I have to tell you, search around your local music scene. In Portland, you don't have to look far for an experience that you will never forget. And when was the last time time you saw Scorpions, Van Halen, or Metallica and then the band came out into the crowd after the show and said hi? That is just one more element that makes this experience so unique. The band actually cares if you had a good time.

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