Friday, September 19, 2014

Now is your chance to ask ANYTHING!

Okay, so I have put up a couple of the interviews that readers were kind enough to reply to recently. And that has actually got me to thinking about a few things. For one, I have learned that I need to be more attentive to the comments and shout outs that pop up on social media. Also, I guess I need to start giving away some signed copies as prizes.

Point taken. So watch for an announcement about this October and some stuff I will be giving away. Oh yeah...something for EVERY day in the best month of the year! And a grand prize on Halloween that I hope will be a real treat.

That is all good, but here is the next thing that I think needs to happen. I was speaking with my new pal Caroline when it struck me that some of you may have questions for me. I have answered all the normal ones...but those are the way most interviews go. Same questions, same answers.

So, what do YOU want to ask. I am opening the door to YOU. 

Email me at with your series of interview questions. Be as crazy, in depth, or scatter-brained as you like. Nothing is taboo or off the table. Personal? Professional? Fire away.

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