Friday, September 26, 2014

If I give you 20 bucks, will you listen to my audiobook?

Okay, so that is sort of misleading. But then again, that is what makes a good headline. It hooks you and gets you to check out what the hell I am talking about.

It's right HERE!
Starting October 1st, I will be gifting (at least) one of my audiobooks a day on my Author TW Brown page. These babies have an average price of around $20 bucks a pop. When is the last time you got a $20 treat on Halloween? And here is the beauty...I will let YOU pick the title.

Maybe you are a Dead fan waiting for the next title to be released. TRY THIS!
Here is everything to date that I have on so far:

From the DEAD series--

The DEAD Special Editions

From the Zomblog series--
Zomblog II
Zomblog: The Final Entry
Zomblog: Snoe
Zomblog: Snoe's War 
Zomblog: Snoe's Journey

From the That Ghoul Ava series--

And then there is--

And even better, the new That Ghoul Ava MIGHT be ready by the end of the month. So you may be the FIRST person to snag a copy if you are super lucky.

The talented Pamela Lorence is in studio now!
So if you haven't like my Author TW Brown probably should get around to it soon. October is right around the corner.

Hmm...Jenifer didn't fare well on her 21st birthday...
Now, for those of you wondering what I am reading...
Get your HERE!

I am reading Preta's Realm (Book 1 of the Hidden Evil Trilogy) by J. Thorn. How about you? What did you grab for the weekend?


  1. Exodus: Empires at War by Doug Dandridge

  2. War of the Living (The Fall Book 3) by Joshua Guess

  3. That Ghoul Ava: Her First Adventures

    I found the male narrator on Zomblog 1 spoke too fast for my liking, but the narrator on Dead was one of the best i've ever heard in any genre.

  4. That is pretty awesome. Thanks, brother ;)

  5. Personally, I'ld like the rewrite book DEAD: Perspectives. After your suggested reworked reading order for the series (DEAD: Perspectives, then Dead The Geeks). I have Dead The Geeks, and some of the regular series, but haven't gotten DEAD: Perspectives yet to relisten.