Friday, June 20, 2014

The feeling of accomplishment.

What have you done lately?

That is a pretty good question. For many, that answer is often not even thought of. We simply go about our day and do what we do without giving it a thought. However, I believe we need to ask that question of ourselves and answer it as well. It allows us a chance to realize that we have reached goals, achieved things both big and small. For some, we may feel as if our daily grind is no big deal. Yet we often make life easier for others. Whether it is by maintaining the house, cooking the meals, or enduring traffic, putting in the hours at the job, and coming home with a check.

Each of us probably does more each day than we realize. So today...take a moment and celebrate. Buy yourself a cupcake and enjoy it without caring how many calories it has...grab that movie that you have been meaning to see and say "To hell with all the little projects!" Sit down with some popcorn and enjoy it.

You've earned it.

Feel free to share some of your accomplishments below.


  1. I'm Adam vradenburg and I have a book coming sometime soon.

  2. I started a book review blog, got a paper finished, work 40 hours, cook and clean everyday, and have written down a few ideas. Where i put them after writing them i cant remember but they are written down somewhere.

  3. Tonight I am heading up a group of Girl Scouts to help with the Luminaria for Relay for Life. A very tedious but rewarding task.