Monday, June 23, 2014

How to get people to review (hopefully honestly) your work.

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Last week, I started an audio book review club. The basic idea is that I will give codes good for use on for my titles. I decided to start with my "That Ghoul Ava" series. The rules (or whatever you want to call them) are simple. I give you a code. You listen to and then review the title on Audible. (The sweet part is that you have to buy a copy to be able to review it on Plus, I get a daily sales report that I can keep an eye on to track the sales numbers. (Not always a good thing, BTW.)

This was a test run. And so far, I think it is going very well. Some people are starting to really dig Ava, and the hope is that it will spread via word-of-mouth. So, that brings me to today...

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I just had the first volumes of the DEAD: SPECIAL EDITION series release on Audible. These are great for the person who really wanted to get into the DEAD series, but was just not able to enjoy the rotating chapters (Steve, Geeks, and Vignettes). I know that, especially with the vignettes which were intended to be global snapshots that gave you a whirlwind tour of how the zombie apocalypse was taking down the world...major design flaw being that some of those Vignettes were "one-timers" and there are some that have managed to continue on like a serial within the DEAD series through the soon-to-be-released book nine...DEAD: Spring. So I can understand where some people just got frustrated.

The beauty of the DEAD series (in my opinion) is that every three books is a story arc. Each of the three rotating chapters gets six chapters per 18 chapter book. So after every three books, I have an 18 chapter story for each (Steve, Geeks, Vignettes). So I sit down and I wrote some "bonus material" based on stuff that YOU the readers end me. "What happened between point "A" and point "B"?" That sort of thing, hence the SPECIAL EDITION. Consider it like a bonus track on a greatest hits CD.

I should have the second three volume set (Perspective--which is basically Steve's Story, Geeks, and Vignettes) of the DEAD: SPECIAL EDITION series ready by the end of summer. That would cover DEAD: Winter, DEAD: Siege & Survival, and DEAD: Confrontation. So now is a great time to drum up interest in the audio versions of the DEAD: SPECIAL EDITION series.

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So I am starting it with DEAD: Perspectives (Vol. 1). If you would like to be part of the DEAD: SPECIAL EDITION audio book is easy. You email me at and tell me that you want in. Good news is that I have UK CODES!!!! No more excluding my good people across the pond on!

I will be taking the first 15 people to contact me. After you listen to and post a review, you let me know and I send you a new code for the next book! Simple as that. And you stay in the party for as long as you want. And here is the real don't get bounced for a negative review. Hey...the reality is that NOT EVERYTHING will necessarily be your cup of tea. And that is OKAY! One thing I really like to see is your thoughts on my narrator. He works hard and deserves some kudos for the work that he does to bring the series to life. So...


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  1. What an awesome idea.

    I came to become a DEAD addict through the special editions. I stumbled across one in a boxed set and bought the other two immediately - couldn't read them fast enough - and have since moved my way through the series. I am on... book 7 now, I think. Reading the individual stories was a nice introduction to the pace and the characters of your world. Now I just look forward to turning the page.

    I'm trying desperately to catch up (even if it is kind of nice to be behind because I don't have to wait for the next one)!

    I'll definitely be checking you out on Audible, as well, it would be great to be able to "read" while arting.