Monday, June 16, 2014

Spring is coming...seriously!

June is halfway done...that means that DEAD: Spring is so close that you can feel its fetid breath on your neck. I am very excited and honestly feel that it is the best and most rewarding read to date. Coming in at almost 180,000 words it is almost twice the length of any previous book in the series.

I will need three BETA readers to check my continuity as well as any errors that slipped past in the editing process. However, this is going to be a daunting task. I will be sending the PDF out on or about the 21st of June and need the responses back by the 28th. That is just a week...a very short turnaround which means that I am asking an awful lot of the three of you who step forward. If you feel up to the task, I invite you to shoot me an email at BETA readers are my unsung heroes...they have always made my book just that much better upon release, and I rely on them a great deal.

I can't express the amount of excitement that I am feeling about this one. It is the best I have felt pre-release of any of my titles. I am looking forward to the reactions of the readers. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: since there was almost no interest (I think two people actually commented to be a part of it) in the Google Hangout "Ask the author" event I will scrap the idea. Perhaps more folks will get webcams and use Google+ in the future...or maybe there truly was not any interest in that sort of thing.


  1. I am happy to have another book to read! Must find out what happens to everyone! AND it is bigger and longer! What woman doesn't want to hear that?

  2. I would be honored! I Have been a huge fan from the beginning and I am a crazy book eating monster! 500 pages in an evening is sadly obtainable by myself on the regular. I am a very discerning yet fair critic with a great eye for detail and an intimate familiarity with your beautiful saga and all of its characters and storylines. I am also an obsessive compulsive freak with an eye for grammatical errors so I feel I could be of humble assistance. Thank you so much for your stories and hopefully the opportunity to help one of my most cherished and appreciated authors!