Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The camel knows...IT'S HUMP DAY!!! So laugh dammit!

It is a week before Thanksgiving Eve. Is that a thing? Well I just made it a thing. Today, I decided to share a peek at my sense of humor. I found this stuff by mistake a couple of years ago and can't get enough. The very first one I saw turned out to be THE fan favorite. These may not be politically correct...but neither am I and they are freakin' funny.

Take a look:

But it got so much feedback that they eventually had to throw down in a remake...

And then...this October...they met for a third time...

So, if you have managed to waste this much of your day already...let me bring you one more from Season 3 and one for my literary friends from Season 2...this first one touches on something more general from the recent pop, have a laugh and enjoy the rest of your week.

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  1. Ha ha...really is hilarious.I sent to my husband at work..he rang me laughing his area off.
    Thanks for sharing..cheered me up!