Friday, November 22, 2013

My first list of the season...

I know there are some out there who HATE Christmas music. I am just the opposite...I can listen to it in July and it had nothing to do with the holiday...I just dig the music. Personally, Christmas was never a favorite season of mine when I was young for personal reasons that would just be a downer to read, so we will skip it. Yet, the music has always really done it for me. And now there is just some VERY COOL stuff. I know these lists are share yours.

I had to really think it over to narrow down MY top 10. (And most if not all of the can be found on my Spotify playlist "The Cool Christmas Collection".)

#10 The Waitresses...perhaps the best "Story" song EVER! Patty was under appreciated.

#9 Dino! The man was awesome!

#8 Bing & Bowie...I actually watched this special that spawned this classic...

#7 This was hard to put at 7..I like it WAY more...but it gets tough from here for me.

#6 I never miss this...and will NEVER grow tired of this classic.

#5 Okay, I cheated here...I know it is three songs, but it is MY list.

#4 Today's female pop tarts got nothing on the original Cat Woman!

#3 Karen Carpenter was my FIRST crush!

#2 I am a sucker for the instrumentals...

#1 The guitar work simply blows me away and the power behind this piece is amazing!

Now...I have to include a couple of "honorable mentions" just because they are fun.


  1. i agree with 10, 9 - I prefer Let it Snow, 8, 7 & 4 - the rest are new to me!! Winter Wonderland (Doris Day), In Dulci Jubilo (Mike Oldfield), Ring out Solstice Bells (Jethro Tull) Merry Xmas (Shakin' Stevens) and how could you not have Merry Xmas Everybody (Slade!) or Rocking Around the Xmas Tree (Brenda Lee)

    1. All good choices, and now I have to find the Slade song! That one is new to me.

  2. Baby It's Cold Outside
    12 Days of Christmas

    1. Absolutely! Love Straight No Chaser! Just found them this year...the Nutcracker song won me over!