Friday, November 8, 2013

It is all about you today.

It is Friday. You don't want to read some long-winded post, and I don't want to write one. SO, let's make this simple...

I post this on my Author TW Brown Facebook page, if you have not stopped in yet and hit the "LIKE" button yet, I invite you to click here and do so.  (Which is where some of you might have found today's which case, I thank you!) The good news is that I have word that the audio book of DEAD: The Ugly Beginning is almost ready for me to review and approve. So...who wants a copy the day it comes out? (I wish that I could make this available to my amazing readers outside of CONUS, but for some reason, Audible has not gotten their stuff together on that front as of yet...but I am talking to people up the chain of command, so be patient.)

All you have to do to win is a review of ANY of my other Audible titles ON (Click HERE to get to my Audible portal.) Then, return to my Author TW Brown Facebook page and tell me you have done so in the thread where this blog post was originally shared. That will instantly enter you in the drawing where one lucky person will receive the freebie THE DAY it is made available on You have until Monday morning to enter.

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Your Audible "click here" is working. Your author page, the "click here" and "Author TW Brown Facebook page" read that the page is broken or taken down.
    Jamie Smith

  2. I'm sorry I don't do Facebook, wish I did but (don't have the time) I promise to buy at least one of your audible books though..because I'm a big fan..your.brilliant!

    1. I don't do Facebook either. My amazing wife takes care of that and lets me know anytime somebody says something that I need to reply to...which frees me up to focus on writing.

  3. I downloaded snow ebook.I left a review, I apologise as its shorter than could have done(had rugrats climbing on me)
    It was excellent, and the lady reading it had a lovely accent.

  4. I forgot to say I left my review on