Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Short Attention Span Theater wraps up three titles with final thoughts.

Friday, I will be talking about my upcoming release of DEAD: Reborn, but today, let's talk about some stories that are already available for you to pick up and read over the weekend. Also, maybe it is just me, but I can't seem to get much interest in FREE audio versions of my Zomblog books. Since many of you are friends, maybe you can give it to me it just THAT books in general...or am I simply way less popular than even I thought?

And now, a question to my authors, Nicole Storey, Wesley Clark, and James Cook:

What are some of your most successful marketing tactics so far? 

And now, in no particular order...

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One thing that I enjoy in a good zombie story is the various takes on humanity as a whole. Cook gives us the best and the worst. There are some rather harrowing scenes, and not all of them involve the undead. A real strength in this story is the action. It is well written and flows. Not everything goes in the favor of the central protagonist, but Eric and Gabe do have more success than failure. Also, this story does an excellent job of closing--yes, you are certain that there is more adventure in store, but no cliffhangers.

All in all, this is a great book and if you love the dead and have not read it yet, you should. It is on the top shelf.

Now for my critiques, because nobody is perfect: EDITING. This is too good of a book to have some of the editing gaffs that it does. Also, I am not necessarily a fan of the "action hero" type. Eric and Gabe are certifiable cad asses. It makes it easier for them to pull off what they do and not have you scratching your head, but still...just a personal preference.

That said...this is a MUST READ for zombie fans. Click on the link above if you want it RIGHT NOW!!!

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This is a book that does a lot right. It has very "next door" characters. I am always a fan when the main protagonists are the "just like you and me" type. There is a good amount of action and it flows well. You get to know each of these people so that they are not just anonymous "red shirts" when they get in to trouble or...die terrible deaths.

If this is the start to a series, then I would be ready for the next one please.

Now for the critique: The idea of using flashbacks to give the background on that characters is a good idea. However, I believe it could have been better organized. Sometimes the flashbacks go on for so long that you forget what was happening before. It reminds me of "LOST" in a way that sometimes the flashbacks cross paths or reveal something that gives an added depth to the overall story.

Pick this one up and be early to the party.

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Storey has a really good tale here. I was amazed and pleasantly surprised at the vivid world that she created. Her characters are real and flawed. There are no leaps or moments that leave you scratching your head. That is one of the hard part when creating an alternate reality--making it seem real while still fantastic.

The critique that I do have is that a few scenes seem to drag on and the main character gets a little grating at times. Still, this is a nit that I am picking. This is a very strong opening to a series and VERY out of the box from the YA title that the author is better known for.

And there you have it.


  1. I just dont get time to sit and listen to audio enough to buy it! Been generously given a couple of novels and have really enjoyed them on the long haul to Scotland with Hubby.....

  2. I have enjoyed both the e-books and the audio books (Zomblog I &II), But I have a job that allows time to listen, I am looking forward to the "Dead" series in audio format as long as the voices aren't annoying!...Mark McFarling

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    I'm off to find you on FB :O)

    - Mac