Monday, September 30, 2013

DEAD: Reborn and a punch in the gut that doesn't hurt anymore.

First, the GOOD news:

DEAD: Reborn is NOW Available!!!

Get it HERE! Or the paperback is HERE!
The release of a new book is always a thrill. And this is also when I become more "visible". That has always been a bit of a downside for me because of my past, but, over the last couple of years, from the overwhelming support from people like YOU...I can finally shrug those couple of voices aside. I know who I am, and I know what I am about. And I also know that I have worked hard to become a better person. I have the love of my wife, a blossoming relationship with my daughter, Ronni, and the unwavering support from my step-daughter Jenifer. And of course there is you.

In two and a half weeks, I return to the Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution as a guest speaker. I will be sharing how it is possible to rise from the ashes if you are willing to work VERY hard. I just completed my first Warrior Dash and recently received an invitation to speak at a Men's Fellowship meeting on Sunday, October 13th at our church.

So, celebrate with me today. The anxiety that used to accompany this day is largely washed away. And for that, each of you has my most sincere thank you. I hope that you enjoy the story.


  1. loving the gooey/chewy zombie cover! GO YOU on the motivational speech.

    1. Thank you...and I am getting very excited.

  2. Good luck on the speaking gigs and I look forward to the story's newest installment...and a little more Ava?
    Jamie Smith

    1. Thanks, and I am actually working on the new Ava right now.

      Stay tuned...sneak peek to come.