Monday, September 23, 2013

Let's do the time warp again!

About 30 years ago (akk!) I was a regular cast member for Rocky Horror Picture Show. I played Brad and graduated into the role of Frank. Sure, I was a lot younger and thinner...but that is another post entirely. My daughter Jenifer turns 20 today. This weekend, we took her to the +Clinton Street Theater to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

To say that things have changed would be an understatement. However, evolution can be a fun thing to witness. Like any creature, you can see the core of that familiar animal...something like RHPS is subject to the same things. WHile many of the familiar call back lines were still there, I was treated to some very new and fun twists. The T-Rex as Dr. Frank N' Furter was hilarious. There were some very clever lines that went along with that twist. But the funniest was the two aliens as Riff Raff.

So, to start the show, there was the usual Virgin call. But the Clinton gang has really amped it up since the old days. (GADS!) And now, the festivities are much more involved. There are some pre-show games played that are...different. And they allow for you to auction your own virgin away to endure special tortures...and if you think I didn't bid up for Jenifer's night...then you have not been paying attention. 

Jenifer...sold at a virgin auction! Worth every penny.
WHat I did not realize that the recently auctioned virgin is allowed to pay half the price and have their own auction winner join them...

Yep...I'm wearing a kilt.
The night was a blast. She was all smiles on the way home, and that is the best thing you can see on your daughter's face. I like to take rather unconventional routes when it comes to gifts. I like to give something that creates a memory versus something that is gone, used, broken, or discarded in a month or two. Oh...and earlier in the evening I took her in for a tattoo. (Three buttons behind her right inside story between us.)

In other news...I received the following email the other day...

Attention uninfected:

You are safe...for now.

You will receive a day of event email with vital information including the start point and check point coordinated on the Monday (10/07/13) before the event date. 

Things to keep in mind:

*You will be navigating the growing zombie population at night.
-wear appropriate clothing for the weather and darkness. We suggest reflective gear and/or headlamp/flashlight.

*This is an urban event meaning NO roads will be closed.
-please obey all city and traffic laws. You are on your own for this.

*Only coordinates will be given of the checkpoints.
-use mapquest, google maps, or any other system to plan your route as there is NO SET ROUTE. 
-consider using your smartphone to store the checkpoint coordinates during the event.

*You will be navigating through the streets and back to the start point which will stretch over 3 miles.

Thank you for joining us on this zombie adventure and we look forward to eating your brains soon.


Dawn of the Dead Dash Staff

Yep...another run coming up this October. Wish me luck.


  1. Todd, I think you are an amazing and fun Dad, and I will wager that your daughter agrees!

    1. I hope so...they never seem to really get it until they hit those mid to late 20s...but she was smiling big, so it was worth every second.

  2. crikey, lets hope you live to see the next Bday week!! and you already have a kilt.... aha, need to source something else for you!

    1. No worries on the first for the "kilt" it was a novelty item that they sold at the Warrior Dash...not what I would call authentic. Although Denise and Jenifer get a kick out of having to be my alarm system. Did you know those things get kind of hiked up a bit if you sit wrong>? And they get caught in the band of my boxers too. Live and learn.