Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A temporary interruption.

Yes, I know what is supposed to be Short Attention Span Theater and the announcement of Monday's winner should be here, however, today marks the 12th anniversary of the terrorists' attacks on this country.

Having served in the military and been given the chance to see other places in the world, I gained an early appreciation for what it means to live here. So, today, don't be a Democrat or a Republican...just be an American. Give a polite smile to a stranger, let a person merge onto the freeway in front of you, say 'thank you' to the person who gives you your morning coffee.

2,977 of your fellow citizens left for work this morning 12 years ago. They had no idea it was to be the last time that they saw their loved ones. Do not take anything for granted. We squander so much time on petty things that we can forget what it means to live and love.


  1. dont be an "American" be a human being.... war continues, nothing has changed, we need to learn to be kind to each other

    1. Agreed. And that was short-sighted of me. It is easy to forget how much global goodwill we squandered in the months following this nation's most defining moment. The domino fell here, but many have toppled since. Thousands have not come home to loved ones who received such heartbreaking news that their son or daughter was killed on foreign soil.

      However, today was my reminder that each day is precious. Take none for granted because the last one is usually a bit of a surprise. That is a universal theme.