Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Pay Attention! Even if it is just for 30 minutes a week.

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Welcome to this week's edition of Short Attention Span Theater!

For today, I actually come, hat in hand. You see, That Ghoul Ava and The Queen of the Zombies has 9 reviews. Yep, since the April release...only 9 people have felt it merited a review. (I wish I knew a better way...maybe some of my heavily reviewed comrades can give me some tips here.) My problem is that I need a minimum of 10 to be considered for a specific promotional site. So, if you have read it, and not gotten around to posting a review (good or bad, this is not a call for pats on the if Ava missed the mark for you, it is very much okay to say so), it would be super if you could pen one in the near future.

First, a question to my authors, Nicole Storey, Wesley Clark, and James Cook:

What responsibility do you feel to your readers when it comes to writing a series?

And now, in no particular order...

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Actually...I missed my reading time with this one and have to own up. Maybe the author will openly chastise me so that I know he knows (and that he is checking up on my progress).

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Once the story gets going, it stays pretty tight. One thing that I really enjoyed is that you meet some of these characters, and then get their backstory bringing you up to speed on how they got from point "A" to point "B". My only criticism is that perhaps this could have been feathered in more. I really like getting to know these people, but then you "run off with them" for an extended period and almost have to ramp back up to get to the main story lie. I would have liked some of that time on one of the side stories to have been spent with the rude neighbor as spoilers, but the author knows what I mean.

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I always enjoy how a writer sets the rules for any paranormal sorts of beasties or characters in their tale. Ms. Storey is doing an excellent job of laying the foundation for her mythos. I am starting to feel like the characters have fleshed out, and now I get to see them put into action. (side note: Kudos for the "Horny Devil" line. It made me laugh out loud and I had to read the passage to Denise so she could know what it was that had made me chuckle.)

One thing I am enjoying is the real person drama underneath all the angels and demons popping in. This makes the story much more vivid as it is not just about the "creatures" and more about the people. Also, Storey does a bang-up job of giving her other-worldy sorts some very rich character dev. (Think Kim Harrison and how her demons have been given such full character traits instead of being treated like a side dish.)

And there you have it. Return next week. Also, pose a question for the authors here if you want...hopefully they will pop in and respond (no promises).

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  1. Hi, Todd! Thanks so much for the compliments! ABout your question; what responsibility do I feel to writers or readers when writing a series?

    1. Doh! Somebody needs an editor. Fixed to say READERS...oi!

  2. Okay folks, T-Dub Brown wants me to openly chastise him for not reading my book in time for his blog update. So here it is. (clears throat):

    HURRY UP AND READ MY BOOK, A-HOLE!!! Jesus Christmas, it's not like you do anything else all day. If you have time to prance around on your little five-K runs, you've got time to exercise your peepers on something that isn't trans-sexual thai lady-boy porn. Put down the X-box controller, throw away Gears of Halo or whatever the heck you waste your life playing every day, and get some freaking literature in your life!

    There. Consider yourself chastified.

    1. I totally deserve it. Although it has been Madden NFL 25 (Owner mode in Connected Franchise) that has been sapping my time. That and preparing for the half dozen fantasy football drafts that I had over the weekend. Oh...and the college football season kicked off on Saturday (Go Ducks!). Then there was this blister on my ear...