Wednesday, June 26, 2013 Short Attention Span Theater--a double header!

So, I am cruising through "No Regrets" and learning a lot about the early music scene of the late 60s/early 70s. Frehley is one of those guys who you just keep wanting to say he is full of BS, but you keep reading and see that his story is so consistent that you have to believe him. All I can say is that, if you tried half the stuff he did back then, you would end up in jail. He really just sort of does his own thing...and that leads to setting up the drum kit for Jimi Hendrix's drummer and stringing the guitar for Steppenwolf guitarist, John Kay.

You are beginning to see a theme in Frehley's life: he just sort of wanders through it and let's whatever happens sort of...happen. While certainly not a prescribed life plan, it seemed to work for him. And now...I finally get to the ad that started him down the road to KISS stardom.

Next, I have The Zombie Outbreak--Book 1: Surviving the Zombie Nightmare by Daniel White. I will be starting it for next week, so get your copy now or just hang out and see what I have to say about it!

Meanwhile, the menu making and preparations for a week in the woods is underway as I get ready for some camping. No groomed campgrounds for us...this is going out to the beautiful forests of the Pacific Northwest and living (almost) like a zombie apocalypse survivor.

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