Thursday, June 20, 2013

Let's all meet Kirk Allmond!

Before I get to today's guest, I am tossing out a question to all my writer friends:

How many returns do you see average per title from Amazon? Just curious. I ask because this month the number just seems high. I have a few with a single return, but they have not sold more than 50 units. However, a few of my better selling titles, I have as many as 6, including 2 for the newest book in the DEAD series.

One of my favorite things when it comes to the Summer of Zombie Blog Tour is the chance to meet somebody new that I have not read before. James Cook was one, and now I get to add Kirk Allmond. So, since I already have a current 30 minute reader book selected, I have decided to add both Kirk and James to my list and feature them both as I dive into their books headfirst. I do hope you will join me. 

Anyways, join me and let's all meet Kirk!

Describe your first zombie “experience”?
Watching Night of the Living Dead at a friend’s house when I was about 12 years old.  We stayed up all night afraid they were coming.

Favorite Dawn of the Dead (original) moment? Remake?
Remake:  Tell him to get Rosie O’Donnel!  “Nah, too easy.  Give him something hard.”

What is the last zombie book you read?
I just re-read the first Zombie Fallout, by Mark Tufo.  One of my favorites.

What makes your story stand out from the masses?
Super Zombies and immune humans!  Zombies in What Zombies Fear are caused by a parasite, in zombies with an overdose of parasites, they activate parts of our brain we don’t currently use, areas that control extra muscle function, extra-sensory perception, and healing. A small percentage of humans have a mutation in the gene that controls spinal fluid that makes it poisonous to the parasite.  If those immune humans survive the initial infection, the parasitic corpses act as a bridge to those areas of the brain.

What will you tackle next? (If you are writing a series, what will you write after the series is over?)
The next book is called “The Colcoa Tailings”.  It’s still post-apocalyptic, although not zombie related.  Aliens come to earth and mine all of the valuable materials, soil, water, metal, everything of value.

Worst reaction you have received about your writing?
An actual Amazon review:  “I didn’t read this book, but these aren’t zombies, zombies can’t run!”

And on the flip side, what is the best…the one that almost embarrassed you it was so effusive?
Someone once took a picture of my truck, posted it to Facebook, tagged me in the photo and rambled about how she went through the store looking for me, and was going to run up and hug me because my zombie books changed her life.

If any of your work was to be made into a film, which piece, and who is THE big star you would love to see in the leading role?
Sean Bean as Victor Tookes.

What is the scariest movie you have ever seen?
Scariest is a broad term.  Nightmare on Elm Street, and Seven.  Both movies are very scary, but for completely different reasons.

What is something about you that would surprise your fans?
I spend every Friday night gathered around a table playing Role Playing Games until about 3am.

What is in your “to be read” pile right now?
A New World: Takedown by John O’Brien.  I’ve started it, but I really need to dedicate a couple of hours to it, I love that series!


  1. oh dear ANOTHER author to read, sigh! when will this ever stop... you just make "them" so damn interesting!!! and George has alot to answer many of you horror writers claim NotLD as your inspiration!!!

  2. Holy cow! It's me! Thanks so much for doing the interview with me!