Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Short Attention Span Theater gets KISSed.

It is no secret that I am a huge KISS fan. Also, Frehley has always been my favorite. So, I know this is my little forum for promoting my fellow indie writers, but I do read other things and it would just not be me if I didn't share this title. So, in my first session, I am being introduced to the bad kid that was the youngest of three trying to figure out his way. There is a picture that forms here if the old black & white era of television. He had a hard working dad and a mom who doted on her family. It was not a broken home and his plunge into the rock world was not an escape from a tortured youth. Paul "Ace" Frehley grew up in pretty good surroundings. His life was a series of choices.

Since I have heard and read plenty from Gene's story, I am interested in how things are seen through Ace's eyes once we get to the part about KISS. There are always two sides to an argument or dispute, and having watched plenty of "Family Jewels" with Gene and his family, I saw a good indication of the ego behind Simmons. Do I believe that Frehley's substance abuse contributed to his downfall? Sure. But I also think there is a side to the story that I have not heard, and I look forward to hearing the view from the eyes of my guitar hero.

I don't expect too many of you to go out and grab this baby to join me as I read, and I will probably add a second title so that SAST (Short Attention Span Theater) is a double bill starting next week; but for now, I am just enjoying some insight to one of my all time favorites.

In other news, I am not sure how many of you are Xbox gamers (geeks) but I took the plunge and added "State of Decay" to my game world. It is the perfect marriage of an open world like "Grand Theft Auto" and zombies. Your actions have consequences, and having already restarted the game because of not faring well the first time,(plus a few bugs they fixed that really did make a difference), I can say that it is a very different experience. And when somebody dies...they are dead...period. Oh, and don't think you can hit the reset button and try again. The game is smarter than that. You come back to one less person in your little fortress.

And the game has a few sweet tips of the hat to the genre. There is a cricket bat (Shaun of the Dead) and the  Savini house that becomes one of your bases. The good part is that this game really lets you feel like you are in the zombie apocalypse. The bad part is that I have to monitor my game time. it can suck you in and chew up a few hours if you are not careful.

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