Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bob the Zombie!

Ah, the hectic life a writer has when there is a new release in the pipeline. Before I skitter forth with this week's Short Attention Span Theater, I want to thank you all who made this release of Dead: Confrontation such a wonderful experience for me. It landed on the Amazon Top 100 in horror upon release and has flitted in and out ever since. Even more exciting, the FIRST book in the series, Dead: The Ugly Beginning has seen a sudden rise and for the first time ever book one has hit the Top 100 as well!!! To say that I am excited is putting it mildly. I know it might seem silly, but this is a thrill for me and, I must admit, it is also a bit of validation.

Some exciting news, a small group of us writer types were recently contacted by the amazing Tracy Tufo. And now, I am thrilled to say that we will be part of a horror conglomerate if you will. In the back of each and every one of my titles, you will find the above full page ad featuring John O'Brien, James N. Cook, Armand Rosamilia, Heath Stallcup, Shawn Chesser, and Mark Tufo. Each of us has a version of this page, the only difference is that my DEAD series will be in their ads. 

And now (imagine a heralding fanfare)...Short Attention Span Theater!

This week I am pleased to offer up a title that you can actually read in just about the allotted reading time for Short Attention Span Theater (aka 30 minute reader). Bob the Zombie by Jaime Johnesee.

This was a great break from all of the serious horror-style zombie stuff that I have been immersed in for the past few years. Granted, I read more than just the zombie stuff, but it does consume most of my reading since that is what I write (and love).

Bob is a normal guy with a pretty dismal life. Then he died. His family (is there no greater love than that for a mother towards her son?) brought him back and were less than pleased when he began the slow decomposition. Now, Bob has to find his way in a world that is just not all that excited when a zombie walks past. (A great job is done here of seeing how people react as if Bob is just a Walking Dead fanboy extremist.)

Anyways, this short read is a great tongue-in-cheek introduction into an alternate reality where ghouls and necromancers exist. It is light, funny, and has a very distinct charm. It is not laugh-out-loud funny, but it generates a lot of smiles which are good for your health. 

I can give this a high recommendation, It has a few editing glitches (mostly in dialog punctuation), but nothing that distracts anybody except for grammar geeks. So grab it, read it, review it, and implore Jaime to get busy on the next Bob the Zombie adventure.

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  1. I LOVED Bob!!! gave me a few snorts! well done on the listings.