Monday, April 1, 2013

Walking Dead- Season 3 Finale

The Season is over! It is hard to believe that the story has come to a dramatic conclusion. The body count was high in a semi-dramatic fashion. I know that spoilers abound and everybody know what main character finished their run, but let's talk about Karl.

There is an arc in the graphic novel where Karl goes a bot off the rails and becomes a bit of a psycho. The post show wrap up made the comment, but my own mind had already started drawing parallel lines between him and the Governor. While this will allow Karl to become a heel in season 4. However, there is also one major theme in this series that requires some people to stray off the beaten path...redemption.

So, as the social media lights up and the hatred for Karl heads towards "Lori" levels...remember that nobody is beyond redemption, and before they can be brought up...they must fall. We will all be sitting there watching Karl spiral in season four, but will we remember how young he is? What he has seen? Experienced? He is a child. He had to watch his mother die after giving birth...and then shoot her in the head.

It was a great run. See you in season four.

So, come back Wednesday and learn how we can get together and shoot a round of golf...or how you can become immortalized as a hero or a villain...all while helping do something wonderful for literature, readers, and writers.

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