Friday, April 19, 2013

Does it matter to you if you make the list?

We are a status-driven society. We have all heard the phrase "Keeping up with the Joneses" or something to that effect. So...for all of my writing friends, and even those who are just readers, I need you to weigh in on this.

This was as of 5AM PST 4/19/13 on the Amazon Dakota page.

Yesterday, I put my book "Dakota" on sale for .99. It was promoted through an excellent site, eReader News Today. For those of you unfamiliar, it is ENT and sites similar that really opened the floodgates for promoting "freebie days" in the heyday of the KDP promotion. To give you an idea of their influence...a freebie giveaway for a book like Zomblog without their promo can see around 1,000-1,500 downloads...if the book is featured on ENT, I saw around 5,000-7,000. I have moved away from the "freebie" (I said away from...not eliminated, I still toss out a freebie now and then) and have replaced it with the .99 deal. Seriously, a book for under a buck...little risk and often great reward. For the first time ever, "Dakota has cracked the Top 100 in sales in the Action/Adventure and Historical Fiction genre. Also, it cracked into the top 1,500 overall from the hundreds of thousands of titles available. Now, that may not seem like much to some, but to me, this is "dance around the Maypole" exciting.

So, I am on three lists as a "Best Selling" author. I have now had two books crack the list top 100 Best Sellers list. I guess I have to ask my peers, does this officially allow me to use the title "Best Seling Author"? And as for the other part of my any of my other writing friends get excited to see where they come in on the rankings. Or am I the only one who gets jazzed by seeing something that I wrote pop in above some of my lifelong literary heroes? (When I was just above Stephen King's The Stand--my all-time favorite book, I almost broke down into man tears!) 

And on a more personal note, totally unrelated, "Well Done!" to those responsible for bringing down one of the bastards who perpetrated evil over in Boston. I don't have to be PC here...most of you know me, and so I can say here exactly how I feel...I hope Dzohokar Tsarnaev meets the same fate as his brother Tamerlan. Why tie up the courts and go through the charade of that initial "not guilty" plea so they can bargain for a better deal?


  1. From a personal standpoint, if a global company such as Amazon decide to label you a 'best-seller' then you are quite frankly a best selling writer. Wear this as a badge of honor, you worked fucking hard to get to this point, so take every thing you can! Tell the damn world about it! If I ever, ever to reach such a title, I know I would. Congratulations Todd, I cannot think of anyone more deserving.

  2. I agree with Rob. I for one know how hard you worked and if you make the list, then you are on the list. It may not be the rigged NYT list, but that is rapidly becoming obsolete....but still desirable:).
    You are BSer....

  3. It absolutely matters. Those lists are based on hard sales data, not popularity amongst critics or trad. publishing darlings.

    I've been bobbing on and off the horror list (Amazon Author Rank) recently and that's a direct result of working my ass off and beginning to make connections with real people that like my writing.

    Todd, you have my permission to be proud. And congratulations on the accomplishment.

  4. Todd, you already know my opinion...if anybody else calls you 'best selling' or puts you on a list called best selling, WEAR THE TITLE.
    As for myself, I'm personally too scared to jinx myself. If I ever won a coveted title like that (being put in that category by Amazon), I'd wait and let others call me that but I don't know that I'd ever be able to use the words myself. But that is just me and my own insecurity.
    You've EARNED it!! You've been in this game FAR longer than I have. Wear it with PRIDE!!

  5. Definitely best selling! Congrats, Todd!

  6. Success is fleeting. Grab it while you can. You know "best" what it's taken to succeed. I do not congratulate you for winning validation, however, that's a natural outcome of productivity. I congratulate you instead for all the time and effort and struggle you've put into defining your self. Sir, you aren't just a "best-selling author" - you are a bad ass!