Friday, April 12, 2013

If nobody cared...where would we be?

When I was younger, I used to look forward to a few things. The Jerry Lewis Telethon (because something would be on television all night long! Ah, the days before cable.); and the MS Read-A-Thon. Back then, you could actually go door-to-door as a kid and ask people in your neighborhood to sponsor you.

One year, an uncle of mine pledged $5 a book. My grandfather tried to warn him, after all, I was only eight. How many books could I read in a month. When I showed him my completed book sheet with twenty-three books on it (almost the entire 3 Investigators series fell prey to me during that year's spring break), he about spit up his coffee. He doubted my actually having read them and my grandfather told him to quiz me.

I won first prize for most money raised that year. My uncle donated fifty cents a book from that year on.

So, how many of you watch your local Public Broadcasting Station and suddenly find other things when the pledge drive begins? Seriously, I love Stevie Ray Vaughn as much as the next person, but $75 for a CD that I can get for less than $10. But then, one year I realized that if every single person who watched actually just donated one dollar...PBS would be 'politic' proof.

So, here I am, one-third of the way through Camp NaNoWriMo. As a writer, I believe very strongly that there needs to be an effort to foster the love of reading in  the "Twitter and Text" Generation. The Offices of Letters and Light offer up many programs that do that...and much more. I am a participant, but I am also a supporter. 

Yep. I am standing here with hat in hand. I have raised $60 so far (I set a rather lofty goal of $1000...oops) and am asking for everybody to donate just $1. I know this stuff gets tedious, but many of you are in pursuit of the same thing as I am--readers. Many others are parents. And a few of you know exactly what it feels like when your kids come home with a box of candy bars or cookies that need to be sold. here and climb on board!

So, while it may not seem like much, if you add them together, it can make a difference. And every single person who donates will be listed on the dedication page in Zomblog: Snoe's War. Again, that may not seem like much, but how many of your friends have had a book dedicated to them?

This will be the last time on this blog that I ask during this current NaNoWriMo. And...yeah, I will be back next year...but that is so far away. After all there are still 256 shopping days until Christmas!

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