Monday, April 8, 2013

Take life for granted at your peril.

Today I was going to talk about some upcoming stuff in my writing world that is fairly exciting...but it can wait. My daughter has moved in with me and it brought some reality crashing down on me hard. So I wanted to share.

Many of you know that I have done time. Because of that, I missed seeing my little girl Ronni grow up. I saw her on her second birthday...the next time was on her 18th. Those of you who read about the events last week are aware that my friend +Armand Rosamilia picked her up and drove her to Jacksonville where she caught a plane here to escape an abusive relationship. Now she lives here with +Denise Brown and me.

I am slowly getting to know my little girl...that should be thrilling enough. But that is such a very small part of it. Monday morning (last week) was the start of the "real life" coming back online. Ronni had been here for the weekend and it was all in the surreal stage. I had made more than one reference that things were likely to be "a bit boring" for her once the week started. After all, my day consists of a 5AM workout (she is sleeping), and a day spent writing and editing.

That first morning is the entire reason for this post. Monday, as I sat at my keyboard, the morning was off to its usual start. Denise had left for work and I was hammering away at final touches on the new DEAD book. I heard the door open to my daughter's room, but really thought nothing of it. I figured she would perhaps come out and pour a cup of coffee or something of that nature. I was not prepared for her to walk up behind me and lay her head on top of mine and give me a hug///then just rest there for a moment.

I felt everything inside me absolutely melt. For me, this was an entirely new experience. It filled every single bit of my heart with emotions that I had never believed I could or would experience. Since that day, each morning has been the same...and the feelings have not faded one single bit.

I continue to find things in my life that make me feel like the luckiest man in the world. 


  1. So glad she is adjusting to a normal life and she has you guys there to be her support system. She's a good kid (even though she talks way too much).


    1. This is Ronni and nooooo you talk to much!!!!!

  2. Very, very happy for you Todd. I would love to feel my daughters arms around me. :)

  3. you are truly blessed... with a wonderful wife and now your kids coming home to you... and what lucky people THEY are... to have you an amazing husband. As for the father part, having loved them from such a "severe" distance for so long, unwaveringly... its something I have complete jealousy for.... I hope she lays her head on you, with huge hugs, just one time for me.... a true, true friend.... you are finally getting ALL you deserve... grab it!

  4. I'm so happy for you, Todd. And for Ronni for reaching escape velocity. Be strong, Ronni. I don't know your circumstances, but I know abusers. If the time ever comes when returning to your previous life seems like a reasonable option, remember that real love wants what's best for YOU, and it won't manipulate you to suite its own ends. Always err on the side of real, honest love.
    Armand, Well done, brother.