Wednesday, January 2, 2013

First up...

With the coming year, I am hoping to launch a new series and generate as much buzz as Indie sensation-now-bestselling-author, H.P Mallory. For those of you who have read my zombie stuff, there is a certain expectation you hold me to that I try my best to maintain. My That Ghoul Ava books will be a departure in that they are supposed to be somewhat humorous.

One of the new frontiers for me will be the exploration of the audio book. I already have two in production through ACX. The narrator for Ava was "love at first listen" for me. I only hope that this will be a big enough success that she will continue to stay with the series for the duration. Celia Aurora de Blas IS Ava's voice. When you hear will know why I am so excited.

So, stay tuned...this year has the potential to be something special. I will also be announcing a merchandise line very shortly. Yep, it just keeps getting better.

One final note, in trying to build a schedule (thank you OCD) that will allow me to balance blogs, editing, interviews, writing, and "regular" life, my normal schedule for blog posts will be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


  1. OMG...I can't wait! What a beautiful name, BTW. And how perfect for people like me who only dream of reading each day and never really get to! I'm going to dust off the headphones and am anticipating the new series! (Don't neglect your regular writings on the "Dead Series" ok?) Hey, I hear you on the OCD...good luck with the new schedule. Maybe I will also coincide my "internet reading" to those days, also.
    Good Luck and Happy Writing!

  2. I LOVE Ava. She is hilarious but I still prefer your DEAD series :)

  3. I love both so keep banging away at that keyboard... just dont burn yourself out...

  4. I am loving that ghoul java. I can't wait for the next there going to be a next one?

    1. Shannon,
      I hope to make Ava my newest series. I just released "That Ghoul Ava & The Queen of the Zombies" on April 1st and already have my brain churning on the next adventure.