Wednesday, January 23, 2013

When reality exceeds hopes and expectations...

Recently, I made the move to put a few of my titles out there for auditions to be produced into audio books. I have heard a mix from my fellow authors when it came to experiences with the audio book experiment. Some return with tales of terror about their work being butchered, and others say that it pushed their sales to a whole new level. I decided the time was right to see for myself.

Just like our experiment with the KDP program, it was decided to test the waters slowly. To that end, we put three of my titles out there: Dakota (the first novel I ever wrote), Zomblog (the same title that we used when we decided to try out KDP), and That Ghoul Ava (a short horror comedy that I am developing into a series). The funny thing is that you don't realize how your book "sounds" in your head until you hear somebody else read it. I received some early auditions for Zomblog and immediately thought "That is not the voice that should be telling that story!"

However, that is not what I am going to talk about today...

I was listening to countless demos, trying to find the voice for Ava. When I found one in particular, I thought she might really be a good fit. I sent a note to this person and waited. She came back expressing that she was interested and would check it out. A few days later, I received an audition. The moment I heard it I was convinced that this was the right person. Still, I had Denise listen just to get her reaction. She was of the same opinion as me.

Fast forward a few weeks and I am notified that the production is complete. Now, I enjoyed the audition, but this was the moment of truth. This would be how people came to identify Ava, this would be the introduction of That Ghoul Ava to the world.

I know that I have made it known that, like many of my fellow authors, I would love to see something of mine turned to film. However, I have never been more thrilled as I was to hear That Ghoul Ava as narrated by Celia Aurora de Blas. To say that she nailed it would be a huge understatement. Stay tuned for announcements on the release date...and (imagine the voice of that guy who does the movie trailers) "If you only buy ONE audio book this year...make it That Ghoul Ava, written by TW Brown, and starring the super-sultry and talented voice of Celia Aurora de Blas."

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  1. this makes me want to branch into audio books.... ooooh!