Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Regular People

As a writer living in the Pacific Northwest, I have some beautiful scenery to draw from. However, not all my work takes place here. Travelling to everyplace I write about would become a bit expensive. That is why I absolutely love Google Earth. I can actually zoom in down to street level and get a feel for someplace that I have never been.

Currently, my DEAD spin off series, DEAD: Snapshot--{insert town here} is frolicking about Leeds, England. And while I do want to go over there myself someday, now is not really in the cards. Using my Google Earth tab on the computer, I can tilt the map and see contouring, I can zoom in to street level and put myself in the shoes of my characters. It really makes a difference in the authenticity and feel of the story in my opinion.

However, if it was just that, I would still be an American writing about a place and culture that is not my own. That is where my amazing UK contingent of Beta readers come in. Between Vix and Caron, (two super people kind enough to give me a nudge in the correct direction when I am "americaning" it up a bit too much), I am hoping that my UK readers will feel like the story is THEIRS. After all, that has been sort of "my thing" in the zombie genre. I try to write stories about you and me...the normal folks. No super-soldiers, no Special Forces or MacGyver types. No wise-cracking macho types who have witty one-liners to spare while smack dab in the middle of being attacked by a zombie horde...just regular people.

As the DEAD: Snapshot series bounces around the world, I hope that the zombie apocalypse will continue to spread, and that you will continue to enjoy the series. Yes, there will be zombies, but I think this is more about the people. For me, it always has been. And someday, when I make that big road trip and travel the country (as well as a visit across the pond if I am able), I hope to see you. I hope we can share a sandwich and a few laughs. After all, we are just a bunch of regular people.


  1. scones, strawberry jam and clotted cream with tea, dahling!!

  2. That would be amazing, let us know when your coming over.
    You know how to British it up, serve everything with chips! LOL.

  3. we can get a breakfast sandwich or any thing you want if you come to Connecticut