Monday, August 31, 2015

Get over yourself.

Okay, so this is one of those ramblings where I make an ass of myself in some eyes and preach the gospel in others. I know there will be hurt feelers out there, but, think about it, if YOU are getting bent out of shape by this...maybe YOU are part of the problem.

The indie scene is sorta like that groovy little corner coffee shop that you think is this huge secret shared by only you and the few faces that you see every single day as you sit in the corner using that free wi-fi and listening to music that has bongos or heavy electronica sounds...or both. You give each other that knowing nod as you take your regular seat every day until one morning, you walk in to find somebody sitting in YOUR seat! The problem is, that is not YOUR seat, it is part of the establishment that is trying to eke out an existence. So, in a huff, you sit someplace else and scowl at the other person the entire time.

Where am I going with this? Well, there are people in the indie scene that think there is not enough room at the top for others (outside of their little clique, of course...wink-wink). Now, I can only speak for myself, but, even pushing it, a book every three months is a lot of work. I see it hit the market, and then enjoy the feedback from people who devoured it in ONE DAY! So, what are they gonna do for 89 more days until my next book comes out? READ SOMEBODY ELSE! And guess what? I love sharing titles that I stumble upon and enjoy. I am stoked if somebody takes that suggestion and finds a new writer to love. The thought never occurs to me that the reader will never return to my work again. 

The way some of the folks in the indie scene have been acting as of late is sort of disgraceful. They almost seem to want to horde their readers. And unless you are part of the small clique they have won't get the time of day, much less a recommendation. Now, I have a few writers that I absolutely love to hype. (Claire Riley, Eli Constant, Rhonda Hopkins, Heath Stallcup) But I really dig stumbling on to somebody I have never heard of and never really had any serious dealings with and then reading their stuff and sharing it with the world (provided it is good), or at least the small circle of people who read my blog or follow me via social media. 

Next week, I will be digging around the indie-verse and finding a few things to read (might not ALL be zombie stuff...never can tell) and then I am going to give you some names to hit up and add to your list. Maybe you have some suggestions. If so, now is a good time to leave them in the comments.

If you are an author...and if you want me to read YOUR book, let me know. That is my other gripe with some of these self-serving types that are entrenching themselves in the indie scene. I have read and reviewed HUNDREDS of my peers. Some when asked, some just because I want to show support. One of my favorite LAME excuses to hear in response to a request for some of them to reciprocate is that they don't want to have my work possibly influence what they are writing and then get accused of stealing an idea. REALLY? It couldn't have anything to do with you being selfish, and now that you got your review and a sale (or two if anybody pays attention to my reviews and decides to give it a shot), that you don't see the need to return the favor. 

Or...oh, wait...maybe it is the social stigma of showing me some support. Yes, that is a real thing I get from writers due to a few no-nothing types who threaten to boycott anybody that has anything to do with me. NEWSFLASH: How much do you really know about the personal life of the writers you read? I put my stuff on front street because I know me, I know the facts, and I know what is bull. I've never hidden anything simply because I do not feel the need. These little busy-body types are nothing more than locusts or lemmings that swarm and try to cause destruction to my personal income (since the whole being a writer thing is how I make my living and support my family). They get weak-minded people to carry their banner and use intimidation and threats to get others to fall in with their line. Classy. Like the headline says: Get over yourself.

Now, get me some names and some titles to BUY this week and show my support for my fellow indies.


  1. i liked Joshua Jared Scott sanctuary surviving the zombie apocalypse and the coal hole both free on iTunes ( good for walking the dog or doing house work )
    peter meredith the apocalypse the undead world
    Hugh howey Wool
    jack Campbell the lost fleet
    James cook
    Victor gischler go go girls of the apocalypse
    D J Molles
    Scott sigler

    i love to know what my favorite authors like to read, i have gotten a few that you have revue-ed
    ps i have a few more if you want them

  2. R R Haywood The Undead Series, great series Enclave: A Novel of the Zombie Apocalypse (Enclave 2- Hunters Book 1) Robert Morganbesser
    still zombies but a slightly different take on them, loved both series

  3. I just stumbled upon an amazing series Love and Decay by Rachel Higginson.. Claire Wiche Chronicles by Cate Dean.
    Starborn Ascension / The Starborn Uprising by Jason D Morrow

  4. Thanks for the shout out. I love Cate Dean's Claire Wiche Chronicles as well. And Alexie Aaron's Haunted Series. I really think you'd like both but especially the last one.