Monday, July 27, 2015

Stop making excuses. I will GIVE you one.

Okay, the only person who gets a real pass on this is my friend who works in the library. She has a legitimate reason to avoid certain formats in the literature market. No, I am  not talking about genres, and this article has nothing to do with such things. What I am talking about is the rise of the audio book. 

I can already feel some of you closing the window on this page, but stick with me for a moment here. I don;t expect to change your views, but I am simply asking you to be open to considering what I am about to say. First, let's all remember back when the first ereaders hit the market. The general consensus was that it would never make it...people wanted to hold a physical book...smell the pages...all that stuff. Cool, I can dig that stance. Still, I know that I personally caused one of those PODS to suffer serious damage because of the number of physical books I owned. Also, room became a premium in my home. It made dusting a real chore. 

My kindle(s) save more space and reduce the weight load on my floors by a few tons. Add in the price point of the normal indie book and I can snag 5 or 6 books for the price of one. So, what does that have to do with audio books? People are using the same arguments. It is the same old is 8-Track versus cassette...versus CD...versus MP3(4) all over again.

Every day, I take my dogs for a walk. That is almost an hour of my day that I now enjoy listening to an audio book. I can let my pups enjoy their morning while I listen to a new story that my busy day does not allow for me to get to in print. Then, at bed time, I can churn through a few pages before falling asleep of a different book. However, many Audible titles will sync to your ereader and let you pick up where the audio left off and you can purchase both at a significant discount if that is your thing.

Additionally, I keep a separate title on my phone which syncs with my car when I get in. That is for the wife and I to listen to whenever we go some place. Those titles take a little longer, but it is fun to share a story with somebody, and we get to enjoy something together.

Audio is a wonderful format. It lets you enjoy a story during those down times and keeps your TBR list somewhat manageable. Try it. You might hate it, but then might not. And here is the deal, if you are on the fence, I will hook you up with ANY title of mine that is out on Audible for free. All you need to do is try the 30 day trial. Quit if you hate it, but then you can at least say you tried. Shoot me an email with "NO MORE EXCUSES" in the subject, and after checking out TW Brown titles on, tell me the title you want to snag for free. (email

Honestly, I thought I would be uninstalling the app from my phone in less than a week...three years later, I am still using Audible and I have about 200+ titles in my library. Many are genres that I would have likely skipped entirely if just confining myself to reading. (The Nerdist Way by Chris Hardwick is a great example.)


  1. I started audio when I was able to work out years ago. If anyone has ever watched the minutes tick off like hours on a stair machine or a treadmill then you would love audio books! The minutes fly by! This was back when the books were on cassettes & it was somewhat of a pita to change cassettes while keeping your heart rate up, it is a breeze with audible on your KF, phone or laptop, oops I almost forgot ipod.

    My husband & daughter are not much for reading. (If I live forever I will not understand that.) My husband drives tons of miles a day & for a while there I got him hooked on audio books on CD. (That's what was in his truck) When I saw your blog on this today it sparked the idea to drag out his ipod & get it going for him! (Thanks Todd!)
    Before Nursing School fried my daughter's brain, filling it with words I have to google in order to converse with her, she was sharing the almost 100% zombie apocalypse load on my KF when she would go & get her nails done. In CA we have alot of nail salons where English is not the spoken language so she just drifts off to zombie land. Oh, I don't know how I forgot how much they help with insomnia & chronic pain! Sometimes I just can not focus on the words in a book & if I watch TV or videos the light flashes & disturbes any chance at deep or REM sleep. With audio, I pop in my earbuds & get a great story in a comfy position if I can't sleep with the huge plus of focusing away from pain & into a story!

    The point here is: no matter who, what, where you are, audio books WILL enhance your life, you are really missing out by not giving it a try.

  2. i love audio books in all forms listen at work walking the dog driving
    in the house on pc some times i have a good week and can get in 3 or 4 books. cant wait to get book 11 in the dead series from audible. its out
    for the people that don't know . one more thought a good narrator makes all the difference. if i am on the fence and i like the narrator then i will give it a try. some relay good ones are Andrew McFerrin Christian Rummel Guy Williams and Phil Gigante to name a few

    ps if any body has given book 11 a listen pleas put up a revue the 2 that are up are useless with no real info good or bad thank you in advance