Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Next year for sure! Maybe sooner.

There is a saying..."Maybe next year." It is easy to use for things like that ten pounds you promised to lose when you made that New Year's resolution, or when that $500 million lotto ticket was one by somebody else. Often, we make those statements with very little heart or conviction. We simply do not believe that next year will change that much.

As some of you might recall, I was set to launch a blog tour this August. I even had a few willing cohorts who were ready to put their name beside mine on the "Tour Banner". I actually thought that would be the hard part...the gathering of willing participants. Turned out to be sort of easy.

Where the tour fell short was in landing spots. I had two people (not actually on the tour) that said yes when it came to being a host for my blog tour that I called "Wanna See Something Really Scary?" Mostly I got a lot of dead reply...basically a wall of silence. However, I did receive one reply.

I won't quote, but the gist was that, due to some rather hostile and threatening messages that promised to boycott this person's blog and never buy their books again, they would be wise NOT to offer their blog as a stop for my tour. Really? Okay, I get the person not wanting any heat, and I am a person who believes my burdens to carry are my own. However, it gets a bit tired when a handful of nut cases rant and rave, allowing them to dictate who can associate with whom and all that nonsense. It is likely not going to change anything, but I do look forward to the day when I am officially off paper in June of 2021 (slang for no longer having to report to my PO). That is the day I will actually be able to tell my side publically. Sure, most will not want to hear it, but at least I won't have to just sit on my hands and allow a few idiots to have their unchallenged say about what they supposedly know about me.

This nonsense has already cost me two jobs because my editing clients bowed to the pressure. Hell, one of them kept me on as an editor for almost another year in secret and has even credited my work to a different person until finally saying he "felt bad" about only being able to deal with me in secret and realized that having me as his editing booty call (my words there, not his) was a douche bag thing to be doing.

I realize that even this post will probably fan a flame or two, but pussy footing is not my thing. I have just hit the 20,000 units sold mark on my Audio books. (Maybe not huge numbers by comparison to some, but it keeps food on the table in my house.) My book sales have passed the 100,000 mark long ago and continue to do well enough that I can call this my full-time employment. All of that with this supposed cloud over my head. So, to the people who so graciously accepted my tour invite...we are merely delayed, because, much like everything else that has been placed in front of me...I will climb it and leave it in the dust. To those who have bailed...get over yourselves. These people (bullies) only have the power that YOU give them. Every person who has met me face-to-face and looked me in the eye while I have answered their questions and given my side of things has accepted me (including a step-daughter and mother-n-law who both hated me to their core BEFORE we met). And while some will always hate because it just comes easier to them, I want to take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate those who have crossed that imaginary line drawn in the sand by an ignorant few. You are truly appreciated. And just know that I will never quit or give up, nor will I give you reason to regret having shown faith in me.


  1. What the pathetic people whom have allowed either some loser indivdual or group, (sorry for my ignorance in this situation that is no ones business but you & your families), what they don't know is after they have been told who they can do business with, that will soon not be good enough for these blackmailers, next it will be because of their faith, color of their grandchildren, the list goes on. Once you give people like this the feeling that they are able to control you in any way they will want control in EVERY way. Is this really what anyone would want their business to be known for? Anyone that can't tell what kind of person you are by how you conduct yourself, or even by your blog, should have some idea after reading your books. If the can't then they are not very intuitive. Why would anyone with any real intellect allow themselves to be manipulated by anyone than was that much of a dim bulb?

    Before I became more involved In your books I had a question for you, I didnt know who you were & had no knowledge of your life before the Dead series, hadn't read one word about your life. My question was something like : One of the characters in #1 or 2 (I think) really strikes a strong feeling in me, was this character based on you? It involved a person non-military that carried the title Captain. (I am not trying to be cute here Todd, I don't want to cause you further trouble.) Anyway, you owed me nothing, you are just a guy who writes books, but I really knew the answer before you gave me yours. You are a good man Todd, that shines out from just about every word you have written, if that's not enought to enlighten a few of the dimmer bulbs then more than likely it's because they don't want to be enlightened. If there are actually people out there timid enough to be blackmailed by people that dim, well I guess they will just join up & become those things that grow in the dark on shit! They are good enough in food but I wouldn't let one tell me who to associate with nor how to run my business!

    1. I truly do appreciate the support that you and others have shown over the past few years. Words do not really suffice. I just want to thank you and all the other amazing people who have hung out in my corner despite it not being the "cool" place.