Monday, July 13, 2015

How can you be so lucky?

Nothing is more amazing to me as when I meet a random stranger that is also one of my readers. I mean, yeah, I see the monthly sales reports. I know in my mind that people read my books. I just don't ever expect to meet somebody out of the public.

In the past few weeks it has actually happened a few times. One time in particular during our camping trip, the couple that took the spot we were vacating, it seems the guy was a fan. That was sort of cool. It caught me off guard, and I was pretty surprised. I guess I just don't expect that sort of thing.

This last time happened just the other day at the Portland Thunder game. Okay, so you might think that would be no big deal, after all, I am a sponsor and my DEAD: Snapshot--Portland, Oregon book is actually given away at the game for those who buy the "Zombie Row" package. However, what made this stand out was being able to talk to somebody who had obviously read my DEAD series and was very much a fan of the books.

Even more interesting, I guess the person has been two rows behind us as season ticket holders, and when she realized that I was "That TW Brown", she delayed in actually approaching me. She did not want "to be a bother" or something to that effect. All I could say to that was, "It is never a bother to meet somebody who allows me to do what I love for a living." In reality, the honor is mine. Seriously, I see me every single day, and it is not that exciting. Show up when I am doing laundry or cleaning up around the bird cages...not a lot of glamour I can promise.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I honestly enjoy being able to talk to people about my books. I love the comments, questions, and even the critiques. How could I not...I get to write about and chat casually about zombies?! Seriously?

So, if you are out and about, and we ever cross paths, don't ask yourself if you should "bother" me. It is never a bother to talk to you. You allowed me to live my dream. Come over and say hello. I want to leave you with the cover reveal for DEAD: End...due this coming October.


  1. ah yes well i remember flying across the ocean to meet you! and then nearly not speaking as was so nervous!!

    1. I remember it well. But then you were fine after a bit, yeah? And we had a blast.

  2. Thank you for the conversation at that game. Not only are you talented, but you are a genuinely nice guy. I loved the enthusiasm with which you talked about your work. I was very inspired by both you and your wife! Can't wait for the last Dead book! Go Thunder!