Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Portland, Oregon the first city to fall to the Undead in apocalypse.

Portland, Oregon has been overrun by the walking dead!

Yes. You read that correct. Well, sort of at least. As the DEAD series reaches the penultimate book this April 30, 2015 (DEAD: Blood & Betrayal), I am kicking off the newest adventures set in the world created in DEAD. The world that you came to know with the potential for immunity, strange behavior in the zombie children and so much more is all here to some extent. Today marks the official release of DEAD: Snapshot--Portland, Oregon.

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The difference is that the DEAD: Snapshot series will focus on a single location. No hopping all over the world, no multiple story lines (for the most part), just plain old zombie goodness. I started in my very own Portland, Oregon because it felt right. After all, this is home and who would not love to see the effects of a zombie apocalypse on their own home town? Judging by the emails, there are a lot of you who are anxious to see exactly that. 

I have a list of over 200 towns so far sent in by you, the readers who make all my dreams come true. And while I can't promise to get through all of them, I will certainly do my best. DEAD: Snapshot-- Leeds, England is actually next on my list. And I am chomping at the bit to get to it since I already have a villain, she will be quite horrible, I assure you.

Still that does not mean YOUR town is out of the running. I have some cities and towns with multiple requests. I even have one town that might possibly have their city council involved in putting on a DEAD day to commemorate the release of a book if their town is featured. There have been  some creative requests. So, feel free to drum up some local supports and let your entire town or neighborhood add spice to your request. I LOVE creativity and am easily swayed by such displays.

And now I must be going, I have cities to destroy, millions to wipe out. The pen is indeed mightier than the sword.

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  1. One hell of a good read, goodbye Portland u are no more.

    Jeff S