Monday, April 13, 2015

Can you live with it?

Life is all about making mistakes and learning from them. Some can be devastating, but getting to the other side can make you a stronger person. It takes a lot to overcome some of the hurdles that spring up in our path. 

One of the things I learned over the years is that every one of those hurdles can be a defining moment. You just never know which one(s). It is also a hard truth that some of those hurdles are placed in front of us by others.

If you sat down and thought it over, how many hurdles have you placed in the paths of those around you? Sure, some might be very small. Barely a bump in the road as they say. But others can be crippling. 

You might have placed those hurdles quite by accident. If that was the case, did you go back and try to help that person over, or maybe at least slip in and attempt to lower it? And if you did it on purpose, can you live with that? Did you do it out of malice? Jealousy? Or some perceived sense of self-righteousness?

If you took something you thought to be true and used that as the impetus for your actions and later discovered that you were wrong...could you be okay with your actions? Perhaps the easiest way to truthfully decipher that question is to turn the table on yourself and see if you would be okay with having those hurdles thrown up in your path. 

We are a very reactionary society. Much of it (I believe) comes from not having to really ever interact with many of the people we so easily tee off on. Have you ever dealt with somebody in your life and then discovered YOU were the one who had it wrong? How did that feel? And then there are those warnings about being careful what you say since, once it is out of your mouth, (or fingers for this society of keyboard warriors) you can't unsay it.

Really, it can come down to a simple grade school begins with "Do unto others..."

Just remember, if the day comes when you find you are wrong, make sure that all you dished out will fit down your own throat.


  1. I so agree! I am not so much a spiritual person but I use karma as my ... I guess religion. I have always tried to follow a couple simple rules & taught my daughter them as well.
    1. Treat others the way you wish to be treated. (Others includes ALL living things.)
    2. If it's not yours, don't touch it. (Simply based as a child, broader meaning as an adult.)
    And that old standby:
    3. If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.

    I do ok on the first 2 but that last one bites me in the ass fairly often.��
    I am convinced that if we all tried to follow something simple like this we would all be happier.
    I'm not acting like Miss perfect, I am so far from it & I certainly didn't invent these concepts, it just seems that simple too me. When everyone starts bringing their personal faith into it, no matter what that faith is, it just starts battles over each individuals interpretation of the boundaries of that belief. If we could all go by the instructions of "just be good" it would be great...but then define good. (Flashback anyone? Lol) Anyway just my opinion.

    I hope you & yours are all ok Todd, seems like when I click on the blog, I don't know how to word seem kinda down. Like someone is messing up your peace & whatnot. (I almost said harmony, that would make me seem even more "like peace dude", than I already made myself seem. Lol) Anyway I hope life is treating you deserve it. You give out so much good to other people.

    Well like I said it's jmho.
    Be good everyone!

    1. I do have my up days, and honestly, the stuff going on is getting easier to stomach and move past since most people are no longer jumping on the bandwagon when the hate campaigns begin (usually around the release of a new book), and those who know me or have gotten to know me are now very steadfast friends and supporters, which means the world. And knowing that you are out there is one of the things that makes me feel better and move forward instead of bogging down.