Friday, April 17, 2015

Let the waiting begin!

So, anytime a writer launches a new book, there is that waiting period where they check in as often as they dare to see the first reviews. It is good to know if you hit or miss the mark according to the readers. Those are the equivalent of a workplace performance review.

A few days ago, DEAD: Snapshot--Portland, Oregon was officially launched. While it is set in the same world created by the DEAD series, this book is its own animal. You won;t find Kevin or Thalia showing up. (Although there may be guest appearances from time to time in future installments.) Fans of the DEAD series might find references to familiar people and places, but this spin off is designed to stand alone.

That makes this something different, and any writer who has produced something even moderately successful will tell you that a new book or series does not usually equate to the sort of sales figures that you see with your big hit. Since this is how some of us actually make a living, it can be a scary experience as a beloved series comes to an end.

So now, I wait for those first reviews to start coming in. I already have one on and Both are very positive. I will continue to watch and wait. It did have a couple hundred pre-orders on release day, which actually surpassed my hopes (since this was my first go at pre-orders, I really had no idea what to expect).

If you have yet to read this offering, I look forward to hearing from you soon. If you have read it already, I hope to see your thoughts on it in the review sections. And stay tuned, I am in the studio recording the audio book version myself!

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  1. i cant wait to listen to this ! i just checked out Kherfin short story sample on audible. and your voice sounds relay good . scrap that i just bought Kherfin. i guess i can stop my dead marathon and give this a listen this weekend. i will put a review up on audible under Michelle Harting my Queen we share