Monday, December 29, 2014

In the cups

No...not like you think
When I was younger, I started collecting sports cards. Then I went on a bit of a KISS bender. Pez dispensers, Potato Heads, a fountain, a lava lamp, all sorts of things. Honestly, my office needs a display case at this point. However, my new thing is coffee mugs. And for Christmas this year, one of my highlights (and there were many) just happened to be a few new mugs. My wife knows me well, and the mugs display that clearly.

Beep! Beep! Bloop!
There were Star Wars mugs, Snoopy, and even the Grinch (my favorite cartoon!) emerged from one box. That is the beauty of being with somebody who knows you and what you love. Gift giving can be such a mine field. I like to think that I am easy. I have often said that if it has to do with KISS, zombies, Dr. Who, Star Wars, Cookie Monster, or the Seattle simply can't go wrong.'s bigger on the inside.
After this most recent Christmas, I have a new studio to record in, and a bunch of coffee mugs to sip from as I look out my window and watch the sun rise. Life is good, and it really is the simple things. So, care to share the view from my living room with me over a cup of coffee?