Monday, December 1, 2014

A "negative" review = Social media bashing in retaliation?

...should I also mention the hate emails with threats of "bashing my head in" and even one suggesting death?

Maybe it is coincidence. Anything is possible. But the day I posted the following review, I was slammed with another barrage of hate email and people wanting to use my past (of which they know little when it comes to what actually happened) as their own personal pinata.

"I tried. I really did. However, I simply could not jump on this bandwagon. It is not a bad story, it simply could not draw me in. I bought it based on having met the author. If it had been the cover, I would have passed. Unfortunately, the book reads a lot like the cover. Somewhat generic. I know he has a legion of fans, and I wanted to be one.

The premise of crossing the country in this situation is a bit "off" for me. I will say that this book does do an exceptional job of setting the wheels in motion and allowing the ZA to unfold at a believable pace.

I say give the book a try and see for yourself. Reviews are VERY subjective. I have many books that I love that were panned by others. Make your own choice."

I actually thought I  was being fair. And before you ask, NO, I will not give the "author's" name. As I said, it may be merely a coincidence, but when I have had people invite me to participate in assorted Zombie Author group promos and then they have to send me an email asking me to withdraw because they have been hammered by "certain other members of the promotional event who refuse to be in" if I am involved, and that person has been in each of the three Blog tours where this happened (to the point where I no longer put myself or those who create these events in that position as I have told these promoters to save themselves the grief and simply remove me from the list for future events) does start to point in the general direction of a specific individual. And that they have to use my own blog post as their drum to rally readers to not buy my books is kinda weak (where I have repeatedly said that I don't hide anything, but there are FACTS that I cannot discuss in a public forum for another 7 years, in which time I will give MY ENTIRE side of the story and still be okay with whatever people want to believe because it is not my place or my job to try and make people's minds up for them). I have news for this "author", this happens every 4-6 months and it has not stopped me. I have people who love my stuff and people who hate it. That is part of being a writer. I learned to deal with it a long time ago. 

I have sat quietly and allowed this to cascade off my back with no comment for a long time. But I do want to say to the "author" in question this one thing. If this is your doing, then you are a coward. You had the audacity to look me in the eye at the WHC, but lacked the stones to say anything then. You can be angry and jealous of my success despite the fact that it has no effect on your own. You are part of what is now becoming the UGLY side of the indie scene where people view readers like pie and fear there is a limit on them. Readers want to be entertained. and zombie fans are a ravenous bunch that scour Amazon for the next great series to sink their teeth into.

And if your response to a critical review is to try and bring hate to the reviewer, then you have no business in the business. YOU are part of the problem in the indie scene. Maybe you should find another line of work.

Finally, I just want to say that people will believe what they want. I have been open and never hid my past from people. Valid or not, I felt it was important to be up front. In the end, my real friends (who actually KNOW me personally) they all made their choices and they remain at my side for what it is worth in the public eye. People who have sat down with me and been able to look me in the eye (including some who hated me passionately in the beginning like my mother-in-law who loves me to pieces now) saw what they needed to make their choices. I have earned a lot of new friends (and even family) that way. My life is good. My daughter just spent the holiday here and we had the best time. My wife loves me and my Border Collies think I am awesome. I have a legion of readers that I appreciate and am thankful for, and a few sad, pathetic people who begrudges me those things with no knowledge of the truth. I can live with that.


  1. Probably not needed based on the tone of your post but stay strong. Haters gotta hate. I've lost a few friends because I refused to unfriend you after your public admission, I say good riddance, they weren't real friends if that's how they feel. We've all done things we're not proud of in the past.

  2. Never let the haters win Todd. People shoud stay out of things that don't concern them. We all love your books, and you man!

  3. Todd, I have been your fan from the beginning and a beta reader for a few of your books and have never been swayed by any negative reviews or messages from an insecure, so called "author" asking me to unfriendly you and boycott your books. You've always been kind and generous to me. I don't judge people. It's not my place. Whatever you did or didn't do is in your past and you've paid your price for it. I enjoy your books immensely and being your friend. You and Denise are awesome. I've never met you bit hope one day to remedy that. Stay strong, like I know you will and keep doing what you do. Your fans are depending on you.

  4. Pfft. Anyone—author, reviewer, or otherwise—who thinks this is a zero-sum game we're playing is only sabotaging him/herself. Goons gonna be goons, I suppose.

  5. I don't "do" Facebook nor Twitter, I do enjoy your books though and that's what counts for me. Haters gotta hate to make themselves feel better I guess. i have noticed that when I leave positive reviews for your books I get down voted which surprised me at first, but really it doesn't matter. Just keep writing and ignore the idiots, thank you for providing me with a whole lotta hours of enjoyment.