Wednesday, December 17, 2014

How to get zombies to wipe out your town.

With the holiday season, I will be a busy little elf. So, I will be running some of my past posts for the rest of the year. Some that were heavily viewed, others, not so much. But I want to wish you and all your loved ones well this holiday season whatever you may celebrate.

Now, Bring on 2015!

Peek-a-boo...zombie girl sees you!
With a month and a half before the latest installment of the DEAD series hits the world, I am slammed with deadlines and the usual stuff as I prepare to release the largest book in my young career as an author. At around 180,000 words, (as opposed to the 100-106,000 normally found in a DEAD novel), this book should bring some serious satisfaction to the people who have gone this far on the ride.

Of course, there will be three more books in the series to bring it all to a FINAL conclusion (there will not be a book 13 in the series...this is not a Who Farewell Tour with three or ten additional entries. Book 12 is already titled. DEAD: End.) So what does a person do when they rely on book sales as their source in income? Hopefully write a new book that gets as much or more attention than the last successful one he or she wrote. 

Some of you are starting to warm to my That Ghoul Ava series. I am very excited as the sales numbers begin to VERY SLOWLY rise. However, I am the first to admit that I love zombies and want to see them continue to be well represented. That is why I have begun development on my new ZOMBIE book! This is where YOU come in.

If you have ever "fantasized" (I use that term in the best way possible, certainly not implying that you are wishing for the utter destruction of humanity) about the zombie apocalypse, now is your chance to see YOUR town die to the undead horde. By leaving your town, village, hamlet, or whatever, in the comments section below, you will be putting your town square in the sights of the zombie apocalypse. It is with great pride that I announce officially the name of my new series. Drum Roll Please...

DEAD: Snapshot...{your town here}

The new series will take place in the DEAD universe. The mythology created in the DEAD series will be intact.There might even be "guest" appearances by familiar characters from the DEAD series if they happened to pass though in their journeys. However, each entry into the DEAD: Snapshot series will be a stand alone tale with a beginning and an end as we follow a specific person or group of people. The entire story will take place in the specified location. Some will end happy...others...not so much.

I will use Google Earth to get a look at the area and try to include landmarks that anybody passing through will recognize. I will use resources like census information and even the city's PR web page to give as much authentic flavor as possible.

Stop reading about faraway places. Bring the Zombie Apocalypse to YOUR town with the DEAD: Snapshot series. Book one is due around January of 2016. The location is up to you. And who might find yourself in the heart of the action with a character who bears a striking resemblance to you.


  1. Wilson or Bailey,NC I would be happy to provide any information needed including photos, locations, local lore, etc.