Friday, August 8, 2014

Sneak a peak?

So, here is my dilemma...

I have begun work on my newest book in the DEAD series, DEAD: Reclamation. My problem is that I usually post a little sneak preview once the story is up and running. I like to throw those out to whet the appetite. However, to do so for book 10 would be a HUGE spoiler if you have not read the series, and even more important, if you have not read book 9, DEAD: Spring.

So, since most who read this are some of my most stalwart and loyal fans, I put it to I post a sneak preview? I just make you wait until October?

Next on my list of things to worry myself with is my Zomblog series. For a while, it was my biggest seller. Granted, I always wanted the DEAD series to be my legacy, but to say that the sales for Zomblog have been lackluster is a gross understatement. Even worse, the audio version (book 1 came out in July of 2013) has sold less combined copies than my latest DEAD audio release, Book 6--DEAD-Confrontation sold in a matter of its first month.

I guess I need to get the word out and that brings me to this simple task. Today, I will post everything you need to grab Zomblog on audio FOR FREE!. If you listen and then review it, all you need to do is email me and I will set you up with the second book in the series, and so on until you have completed the series.

Also, the first five people to email me at get the same deal. So, the first person to use this code wins! (And if you are using, then just email me and I will set you up. This code is only good for US subscribers.)

2.      Enter the download code into the "Redeem Your Promotional Code" field and click "Redeem". FQ7SHHBGWN9W6 (you can simply copy and paste)
3.      If you’re not an Audible customer you’ll need to create a new account. Don’t worry, you can use your Amazon account to do this.
4.      Follow the instructions. You’ll have 1 credit applied to your account.
5.      Go to Zomblog  listing []
6.      Add it to your cart. When you check out you’ll see an option to apply the free credit.
7.      Listen. Enjoy. Review.


  1. I have only just started the dead series but I think you should do the preview. people who have not read far should know not to read it and if they do read it and something is spoiled it is there own fault.

  2. I'm listening to Zomblog, so far I love the reader- his voice is what I think of Steve sounding like. I have been listening along with my kids (don't worry they are teens) and the boy is liking it too! I will review as soon as I finish. I wish I had 8+ hours of uninterrupted time to spare. I will go as fast as I can ;)

  3. Definitely post a preview, most people know to be wary of spoilers.