Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Future Sound of London

I write to music.

It is a fact. I use music to set the mood for me when I sit down to work on my DEAD series. The main artist that I listen to is The Future Sound of London. You can actually find my writing playlist on Spotify: "Music for writing the DEAD series." (Oh yeah...I LOVE my Spotify playlists!)

Their album, "Dead Cities" is a staple to my playlist. I love it because of the energy. It can be dark, frantic, and even mundane at times. There are no lyrics, so I can just let the music flow over me like honey as I hammer away. There are other artists that I listen to (Mars Lasar, Tomita, and Goblin, just to name a few), but if I ever saw a screen adaptation of my work, I would beg and plead for FSOL to produce the soundtrack.

So, here is my little question...for those of my writing compadres who listen to music while writing...what is on your "must hear" soundtrack? And for everybody else, if you could put any of my work to music, who are some of the artists that fit? (No fair giving Ava a soundtrack, hers is built in to the chapter titles already!)

1 comment:

  1. No comment on music while I read/write, since I require absolute silence for those activities.

    I just found it coincidental that my mom's maiden name is Tomita.