Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Last Call for a free That Ghoul Ava audiobook.

Get it HERE!

Okay...this will be the last time for a while. I am searching for some people who want to dive into the world of the audiobook. I need you to be dedicated to not only listening, but also posting a review (good or bad) that lets me know what you think about the story, characters, and even the narrator(s).

Get this one HERE!
I have three titles (one is the short that got the series rolling) so far and am just about ready to wrap the fourth one with a bow and release it to the world. However, these books need some people who will tell the world...act as a "word of mouth". 
And this one can be nabbed HERE!
Ava is quirky and different. And honestly, I think she is about as "mainstream" as I will ever get as a writer. I make no bones when I say that this series is where I pin my commercial hopes. Face it, my DEAD series just has too much going on to ever see the big or little screen. Maybe ZOMBLOG...but, I honestly believe that That Ghoul Ava has the chops make it in a screen adaptation.

So...if you want a free series on Audible where all you have to do is post an honest review, then now is your chance. And if you have NEVER tried an audio would be a great time to try because you won't have to pay a penny! Just email me at and you are good to go!


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