Monday, July 14, 2014

Can you beat the Reaper...or at least outrun it?

This Saturday, I will be taking on my longest obstacle course run to date (but not the longest on my schedule) as I assault the 6+ mile Reaper. I have been running the hills and trails around Estacada, as well as hitting the Spartan WOD in preparation, but you can't really prepare for what these runs demand of you.  In fact, I have one of these runs every weekend for the next few weeks. The biggest and scariest is on August 30th...a 13+ mile 20+ obstacle race called The Inferno.

The people who post videos for these are usually in awesome shape. Let's just say that I am in A shape. But those of you who follow, know that I ran the Rugged Maniac last is a nice montage that shows all of the obstacles sort of spliced together to give an idea of what I conquered (or at least finished) on THAT run.

I will say that I have dropped 15 pounds (down to 250 for those keeping score) and plan on amping things up as I get under 220. So, for those who have some time on your hands, here is a GoPro vid of last year's run by some guy who killed the course.

And for those who want a shorter version (oddly lacking any sound)...

Wish me luck.

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