Friday, July 18, 2014

A chance to interview Ava!

It is not often that you get to talk to a dead chick...

Okay, I won't lie. Normally these things go horribly wrong and make me slink into a corner to lick my wounds. I will make a confession to you all... Sometimes, I look over Denise's shoulder when she is on Wastebook and will see a post by my friend, Mark Tufo. He will do something simple like ask people to guess the first word of his new book. 853 responses flood the thread!

I can do the same thing, and I would be lucky if one person comments and five people take the time to "like" the post. Don't get me wrong, this is not a pity party. My books sell fine. Yes, they can always be better, but I sure have no place to complain. It just seems that my readers are a lot like me...sort of keep to themselves. Case in point...his most recent release, Dystance: Winter's Rising...came out June 12th. Not even the zombie material that he rocks so well...this is his foray into something new...30 reviews. My latest DEAD offering? July 1st. 13 reviews.

Still, here I go, putting myself out here again...throwing a party and hoping that people show up.

To celebrate the upcoming Ava, I am going to let YOU ask her the questions. I will gather them, and one way or another, Ava will be posting a guest appearance on Monday. So, leave your questions in the comments section and over the weekend, Ava will answer them and add them to her post for Monday.

Also, I am looking for a few (5-10) souls who want to undertake the "Ava Audio Experience". You have to be willing to listen to AND review each audio title. I would start you with book one and then, once your review is up on (good OR bad...I want an honest take), I give you the next until you have gone through all three. Hopefully, by the time that you are done, book 4 should be close to ready and you would get first crack at another free dose of Ava Love.

So...who wants to play?


  1. Hmm. What do you ask a dead person? A cognitive dead person at that? Dude, I'm drawing a total blank.
    But I feel your pain. Throwing a party and nobody shows up? Yeah. That's me too.

  2. I'll take you up on the "Ava Audio Experience". I have listened to the first 5 DEAD audio books and am about to start the 6th. I'll send you an email at since I'm not going to leave my email here!

    Thanks for the books!